The Best Ways To Play Craps

The Best Ways To Play Craps

Crap is a thrilling table game that attracts people in mass and generates excitement not just for the players who want to know the best way to play craps, but also for the spectators around. With the rise of online mobile casino platforms, this game has found a new audience among digital enthusiasts.

In the history of craps, there’s a subject of debate regarding its origin. Some historians believe its origin can be traced to the Roman era when soldiers used their craft skills to make cubes in the form of dice and played games that required casting them on their battle shields. Others believed that craps emanated from “Hazard,” a dice game with its origin firmly rooted in England.

Having gained much recognition from table game lovers, craps has ceaselessly grown across the globe and hasn’t lost its place even among the 21st-century casino games. Craps, much like other table games, has impressive features. However, it becomes rocket science for beginners to keep up with the correct odds and the number of bets a player can make. Not to worry, the essence of this casino news is to guide you on the best way to play craps without difficulties.

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The Best Way to Play Craps at a Casino

A quick search on the best gambling games will find the game of craps ranked among the top five tiers by what it offers. 

Fascinating right? Unlike other table games, Craps remains the only game that allows players to be in preeminent control of their hands. This implies that rather than being dealt cards like in most table games, players can choose two dice from five and roll them. The best way to play craps is for players to foretell how the dice will come to light. 

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Two Phases of Craps Table Game

First Phase: Come Out

Here, a rolled dice of 2, 3, or 12 means the players have lost their bets on the Pass Line. However, players stand a chance to roll again. However, it becomes a win when it turns out as 7 or 11 results! If the shooter continues to make come-out rolls of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, it becomes the “Point” — second phase.

Second Phase: Point

In this phase, if the shooter rolls a point number, it is recorded as a win for odds wagered on the pass line. This doesn’t stop a player from getting a chance to roll again. In a situation where the shooter ends up with a 7 before their point number, it is counted as a lost bet, concluding the round. 

Are There Winning Strategies in Craps?

Well, let’s break the ice. When learning the best way to play craps you’ll find that strategies abound. However, the safest approaches to wager on are the “Pass and Don’t Pass lines.” Wagering on the Pass line implies a player bets on the shooter to win. When bets are placed on the Don’t Pass line, people root for the shooter to lose. 

People? Yes, people. The craps game can accommodate up to 20 bettors at a time. It isn’t restricted to 1 or 2 players only.

The game can also be found in a demo version of our online casino. Playing our casino games free version allows you to hone your skills before putting your bankroll at risk.

How Bets Are Placed On Craps Game

A craps table game has two divisions. This enables bettors to ingress both sides of the table without disrupting the game. Technically, anybody can buy in and play during in-play. However, placing a bet before a round kicks off is safer.

Best way to play craps at its peak, isn’t it? Again, players are to place their money on the table in exchange for chips. Handling cash to the dealer is a no-no.

To wager on odds, place your chips behind either the pass or don’t pass line.

To learn more strategies for playing craps successfully, follow our American casino guide content on craps.


If you know all the steps you need to take when playing craps, do not forget the best way to play carps online is to play at a reliable online casino such as Slots Paradise Casino, and you sound only wager what you can afford to lose: play responsibly.

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