The Fairer Gambling Campaign: From Odds to Ethics

The Fairer Gambling Campaign: From Odds to Ethics

Gambling is one of the most debated issues in the United States. The activity raises concern due to rising addiction rates and associated problems, prompting calls for awareness and intervention measures. However, others see it as a source of entertainment and economic development for young adults who enjoy casino games and promote fairer gambling.

Today’s casino news will examine the Campaign for Fairer Gambling launched in 2023 in the United States to improve gambling regulation and reduce associated harms. 

Fairer Gambling: Turning the Tables on Unfair Gambling Practices

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling is a non-profit organization that Derek Webb and his colleague Hannah O’Donnell established. Derek Webb was a prominent player of casino games of poker who invented the famous Three Card Poker game and a researcher of gambling who understands all that the activity entails. 

Derek and Hannah were concerned about the ineffective regulation of gambling in the UK and the addiction caused by “fixed odds betting terminals” (FOBTs). Some dealers illegally introduced this electronic gaming machine into the gaming market. They were explicitly concerned about the potential harm FOBTs can cause to gamblers both the mobile and the online casino, which had increased in recent years. 

So Derek and his partner decided to establish and fund the Campaign for Fairer Gambling in 2012 for a fairer and more effective regulation. Derek also founded the “Stop the FOBTs Campaign” in 2013. They used a more evidence-based approach to gambling regulation that would consider the latest research and data on the harms associated with these machines. This approach has been practical in regulating the gaming sector in the UK.

Derek Webb decided to launch the same campaign in the US on September 26th, 2023, to combat the use of FOBTs at bookmakers and to protect consumers of gambling products.

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Playing by the Rules and Winning With Integrity

The campaign had three main goals and used various methods to achieve them:

  • Promote evidence-based approaches to gambling regulation, including research, data collection, and evaluation
  • Ensure that the public is better informed about the risks and benefits of gambling
  • Advocate for reforms that would reduce problem gambling in the Country

The group believed they could achieve their goals through advocacy, policy change, and education, like proper casino guides for knowing how to play well, and responsibly. They used various practical methods. These included commissioning and publishing research and engaging with policymakers and regulators. They communicated with the public through the media and other channels. The founders also worked with other organizations that shared its goals and objectives. They also use social media to reach a broad audience. g

The Campaign’s Progress and Results in the US

One of the significant achievements of “Campaign for Fairer Gambling” was publishing a landmark report on gambling harm in the US, cited by policymakers and regulators. This report helped to inform policy changes at the state and federal levels.

Another progress in the campaign was creating a website that provided information and resources for the public. The information made available included how to reduce the risks of losing their gambling bankroll. This website played a crucial role in educating the public about gambling issues.

In addition, the campaign has recorded a level of success in passing new laws and regulations at the state and federal levels for both live and online casino real money gambling. Thanks to their evidence-based approach. This included new advertising and marketing rules and regulations on responsible gambling practices.

Fairer Gambling Challenges 

The US is known for its bustling casinos, including live dealer casinos. These casino dealers have proven to be one of the biggest challenges of the Campaign for Fairer Gambling by fighting against many of the campaign’s initiatives. However, the campaign also had some notable successes, including the support of several major corporations and organizations, so players casino goals could be achieved, fairly.

Make Every Wager Count!

Despite its challenges, the Campaign for Fairer Gambling has made significant progress in the United States. It has helped to inform public policy, raise awareness, and change attitudes about gambling. While much work still needs to be done, the campaign has significantly progressed. With continued effort, it can help to establish more responsible and safer online casino games and their landscapes.

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