Hidden Gems & Rich Heritage

Hidden Gems & Rich Heritage

When you hear of native Americans, what comes to your mind first? Citizens of America? Well, you are not wrong, but the answer you need is much more specific than that. American Indians are often called native Americans. However, “Indian” doesn’t mean the tribe is 100% associated with the country. Therefore, to make things more general, it was changed to Native American. With that settled, let’s go into today’s casino news where we’ll be highlighting a few things to know about Native American casinos. 

Native American Casinos: Gaming With a Cultural Twist

The Native American casinos began in the 1970s. At that time, most Native Americans lived in areas that lacked resources that could contribute to economic development. So, the community leaders took it upon themselves to find a means to raise funds. Among them was Fort McDowell, who established a bingo hall in 1984 to generate revenue for the community. Customers, including high-stakes players, began to visit the hall. 

What created the enabling environment for Native American casinos to date was the decision made by the Supreme Court, and the Regulator Act passed in 1988. The court ruled in 1976 that the state could not assess personal taxes on establishments owned by the natives. Also, in 1987, it was ruled that Native American lands were free of state regulations. Then, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act passed in 1988 gave the natives and others the ground to thrive in the United States gaming sector. 

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From Tradition to Entertainment: Native American Casino Evolution

It has been discovered that when trying to search for the percentage of Americans associated with an online casino, many of the articles point back to Native Americans. But should that be? Let’s find out. 

In 2022, according to the United States Statista research department, there will be 523 native casinos in the country. Between 2022 and 2023, Native American casinos’ operation expenses increased by 2%, according to Wipfli. Following this, can we conclude that Native Americans are more actively involved in casino games or activities than other states? No, we can’t. 

The major reason why the Native Americans are linked with casinos is because of the “power status” given to the tribes. They can run sportsbooks, slots, and some other gambling activities that you can also find while gaming in Macau without worrying about the state’s rules. But, despite the level of freedom, 60% of the tribe does not run gambling operations. Whereas in states, more than 50% own or are permitted to run a gambling business. 

Also, not all Native American casinos are run by natives! Non-native individuals and companies have been seen to run these casinos in which some of the jobs aren’t even given to the natives. The Native establishing gambling companies or sites are doing their best to offer gaming services in the best possible ways to sustain their local economy, which was the initial goal before the digital area. So, linking natives to the reason for high gambling activities in the United States is not true and should be reviewed. 

Games Available at Native American Casinos

The first set of Native American gambling services started with bingo. Later on, slots were introduced, which are now the most popular. Table games such as the roulette game and other outtake games are also available. Due to the rise of sportsbooks in the US, Native Casinos have also tapped into the market.

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A Native Gaming Tradition

Native American casinos generated about $39 billion GGR (gross gaming revenue) in 2021, impressive, right? However, it is lower than the revenue projected for online casinos in general. So, learning how to start an online casino can be more profitable in the long run, as well as more comfortable if you would rather stay home with your online game sipping your favorite cocktail. Visit Slots Paradise Casino for the best gambling experience, whether you are from the States or a native. 

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