Types of Gamblers; Which Are You?

Types of Gamblers; Which Are You?

Knowing yourself and where you belong will help you understand why you react and do things in certain ways. For example, recently, there has been an upsurge in the number of people curious about their zodiac signs. This is because people tend to equate it to how they behave. Similarly, knowing the types of gamblers there are will help you understand why you make the decisions you make while playing at an online casino.

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6 Different Types of Gamblers

The Escapists

These types of gamblers try to use gambling to escape from their realities. Truly, life can be unfair in many ways. Some incidents, such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc., can lead to sudden saddening moments in a person’s life. These sets of people gamble to comfort themselves from worry, despair, rage, loneliness, or boredom. However, whatever the case, it is advised that you still gamble responsibly.

The Emotional Gamblers

This category of gamblers mixes emotion with whatever decision they make while playing online casino games. More often than not, these decisions do not favor them. For example, when they are winning, rather than taking their profit, they keep staking more money due to excitement. And when they are sad, they might keep chasing losses just because they don’t like to lose. Well, you can also call them compulsive gamblers.

The Social / For Fun Gamblers

Gambling for these types of gambles is purely recreational. They do it for fun, even if they only have a casino pair in hand, they’d still bet on it, and the result will not change their lives. Gambling seems to be a means of relaxation for them. And it has no negative effects on their family, social, or work commitments. People in this category also bet online to meet people. Many gaming sites provide chat rooms where gamers may meet new people and socialize.

The Compulsive / Riveting Gambler

Gamblers that are riveted have lost control of their gambling. Gambling becomes a must in their life. Even if it affects all parts of their life, they still engage in it. Their family, friends, and jobs all suffer as a result of their gambling. Furthermore, obsessive gamblers may engage in acts against their moral values, such as lying, stealing, etc. If they want to stop gambling, they find themselves engaging in it again.

Professional Gamblers

Gambling is considered a career by professional gamblers who earn a livelihood from it. They are adept at the top casino games. These types of gamblers effectively control when they play, the time they spend, and their bankroll. As a result, professional gamblers are not gambling addicts. They are very strategic. They observe and wait for the ideal time to play before wagering their money.

The Free Gamblers

This category includes those who like to play free online casino games without taking risks. These gamblers only play demos and never make a deposit, preferring to enjoy the game rather than earn real money. They frequently use online casino guides to ensure a secure move or decision is made.


So, now that you know the types of gamblers, which one are you? However, whichever you are, always gamble responsibly! Gambling can be addictive; therefore, at our online casino, we have put in place several features that enable responsible gaming.

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