What is Pachinko? Learn About This Exciting, Old Casino Game

What is Pachinko? Learn About This Exciting, Old Casino Game

A Japanese game evokes nostalgia with its graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the classic 3D Pinball for Windows. Players who enjoyed 3D Pinball for Windows will find the layout and gameplay of Pachinko familiar and easy to understand. But, what is Pachinko? Today’s casino news explores the historic Pachinko game, a popular form of gambling in Japan since the early 1920s.

What is Pachinko? Understanding the Mechanics of a Pachinko Machine

Pachinko machines combine elements of slot machines, pinball, and arcades, creating a unique and captivating gaming experience. When you step into a Pachinko parlor, the unmistakable appearance of its hybrid arcade and machine design is instantly recognizable. The gameplay is mechanical, meaning players can control the game through a small lever or joystick. The joystick is used to navigate tiny balls into the winning pockets. 

How To Play Pachinko

When learning what is Pachinko, is easier to appreciate it by analyzing the objective and gameplay. The primary goal is to skillfully guide balls into the winning pocket, gameplay that becomes intuitive through practice. Just like learning how to play minesweeper, in which you must analyze numbers strategically to avoid mines, in this game you must consider the ball’s direction to navigate it to the winning hole.

Find A Pachinko Machine

To play the game, you must find first a machine or play in an online casino. Finding a machine is easy in Japan because they are very popular in most cities. Moreover, Pachinko parlors are noisy, so you can quickly locate the trace of the parlor through the bustling noise. 

But, before you go about finding a Pachinko parlor, you must be at least 18 or above so you can rightly enter. 

Buy Pachinko Balls

It is impossible to play the game without its tiny balls; they are the game’s highlight; therefore, you need to get Pachinko balls before you can commence a round of Pachinko. Depending on the parlor you go to, you can either get your balls from a front desk or insert money in the machine, for the number of desired balls. 

A ball usually costs 4 Yen in a Pachinko parlor; therefore, if you want 100 balls, you will pay 400 Yen, approximately $3. You’ll receive your balls immediately after you pay for them. Then you can go ahead to start playing.

Load and Play

Since you have a ton of Pachinko balls now, you must load them onto the tray before you start playing. To start the game, you must push the play lever to launch the balls high enough and make their way to the winning pockets. It is essential to know that the influence a player has on the direction of the balls is a little. Therefore, you still need luck while playing casino games like Pachinko.

The more balls fall into the winning pockets, the more you win. You can trade your balls for prizes at the end of the round.

Why is Pachinko Popular?

Just as people from different states play their favorite casino games at Slots Paradise, several people play the game in Japan. People of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and cultures come together to understand what is Pachinko and finally learn how to play. But don’t you wonder why?

The answer is plausible because Pachinko is a fast-paced game that excites players when playing, asides from the fact that there are usually big prizes players can win. The thrill players get from playing the game helps relieve stress and serves as entertainment for them after a long day of work.

Although gambling is illegal in Japan, and Pachinko might look like gambling, it is considered legal. At the end of each round, players receive prizes such as coupons, tickets, and valuable objects for the balls they end up with, and this is completely normal and legal.

You might still ask why it is still not gambling, right? For it to be technically considered gambling, there must be a direct exchange of money for prizes, and this game doesn’t give money prizes. 


If you are fascinated by this game, check it out when you next visit Japan. But before then, you can also check out the Pachinko 3D game in online casinos for a fun time and exciting gameplay.

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