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Biggest Poker Win Stories Showcase Poker as a Rewarding Game

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Although different table game iterations abound, online poker ranks among the most rewarding. Nonetheless, a professional’s journey to mind-boggling wins isn’t smooth sailing. They need to incorporate advanced poker techniques and faces (if required) to defeat their adversaries in the search for the biggest poker win of all.

The biggest Poker wins are linked, with revered competitions like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the World Poker Tour (WPT) in the mix. While these competitions rank as the most rewarding for participants who rank high, you could kick-start your journey to decent winning combos in Poker rooms by paling online poker available at Slots Paradise Casino. 

While establishing yourself as an online poker player, this casino news delivers a morale boost by getting you in sync with the biggest poker wins of all time.

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Biggest Poker Win Ever: Four Different Stories

In this segment, we’ll look at four players that garnered astronomic wins during a single poker event. You may try to define who is the best poker player in the world, although we are not sure this can be said by a single win.

#1 Antonio Esfandiari (WSOP 2012)

When you search for the biggest poker win, you’d most likely encounter Antonio Esfandiari and the photo where he lovingly hugged his cash prize worth a mind-boggling $18,346,673. Esfandiari earned this payout after winning The Big One for One Drop WSOP tournament in 2012. As a magician turned professional poker player, Antonio Esfandiari might just refer to this winning value as his greatest ever magic trick, YET!

Although this win turned heads, effecting it was a challenging task. The final round saw him slug it out against fellow poker expert — Sam Trickett. However, Esfandiari’s use of advanced poker techniques and strategies saw him rank high in a session embedded in the sands of time. 

#2 Daniel Colman (WSOP 2014)

Well, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) just keeps on giving in terms of excitement levels and rewards. Two years after Esfandiari’s The Big One for One Drop win, Daniel Colman earned a staggering $15,306,338 from his match-up against one of the best poker players in the world — Daniel Negreanu. Daniel Colman began his journey to WSOP’s tables online with the username — mrGr33N13. His virtual sessions were impeccable, and within nine months, he was able to garner a whopping $1,000,000 on hyper-turbo tournaments.

Competing with Daniel Negreanu for the biggest poker win was a battle of wits. With Negreanu’s reputation at the tables, Colman employed an aggressive stance that unsettled his opponent; going this route saw him force Kid Poker (Negreanu) into making pesky errors that prompted this historical win.

#3 Elton Tsang (WSOP 2016)

When formulating a list of the most exciting WSOP years, 2016 comes to the fore as it saw Elton Tsang trump 26 players and earn a mesmeric sum of $12,248,912 — a winning value that places him 3rd on the all-time biggest poker win list. Elton Tsang is considered one of the best Asian poker players. Tagged as a jack of all trades with successes deeply rooted in business and poker, Tsang has added more allure to his résumé by establishing the first Macau-based live poker tournament. 

Contending against Gurtovoy in the famous WSOP game that earned him an astronomical winning margin, Elton Tsang went the aggressive route by consistently increasing his stakes. As such, he was able to mount pressure on Gurtovoy to fold, coming out on top at the session’s summary!

#4 James Gold (WSOP 2006)

James Gold’s 2006 WSOP Main Event win, valued at $12,000,000, was one for the history books. This tournament was held three years after the online poker boom initiated by Daniel Negreanu. As the 2006 WSOP event rallied, James Gold eliminated seven of the eight fielded opponents, facilitating a win that revamped his status from a non-professional poker player to ranking 4th on the all-time biggest poker win list. Talk about a life-changing transformation!

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Final Thoughts

Although some individuals tag poker gameplay as a waste of time, this table online online casino iteration has seen regular individuals attain millionaire reverence in an instant. If you aspire to be a professional poker player, ensure you also practice online poker. To do so, visit Slots Paradise Casino. 

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