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Two Dragons, One Quest: Harness the Fire of the Dragon

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Now more than ever, you can be almost certain that you’ll find online slots with any theme you choose. But the twist comes in when slot games share the same theme but by different software providers. A good example is the Golden Dragon Inferno game by Betsoft, and the Golden Dragon game, by TPG. What makes each of these games so particular yet similarly engaging? Let’s find out via today’s casino news

Fire Up Your Luck With the Golden Dragon Inferno!

Golden Dragon Inferno by Betsoft is a 5×3 grid reel slot with an Asian theme. It’s a medium volatility game with 243 ways to win, a jackpot system, and other bonus features. The overall idea of the game is to experience the luxury of Chinese culture while spinning the reels and receiving rewards. It’s also one of the highest RTP slots you can play, with 96.41%

On the other hand. the Golden Dragon by TPG is an equally intriguing 5×3 grid slot game with an Asian theme. It showcases the luxury of the culture and its aesthetics. Although less popular than the Golden Dragon by Betsoft, it also has exciting features. It uses the 243-ways-to-win mechanism and offers high-paying rewards. 

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Casino Life

In-Depth Comparison: A Clash of the Fire-Breathers!

We will consider a few factors in comparing these two fantastic casino games.

Visuals and Aesthetics 

When you open both slots, you’ll notice a striking resemblance. Golden Dragon Inferno by Betsoft has a golden 5×3 reel design sitting on a red background, with all its controls at the bottom of the reel. The same goes for Golden Dragon by TPG. 

However, Golden Dragon Inferno has its jackpot at the top, whereas TPG doesn’t. You’ll also notice the symbols combine pure gold statues and card symbols. With Golden Dragon, you’ll see more cartoonish characters as symbols on the reels.

Background Music 

Both share similar background sounds. They have the sounds of a typical Chinese society, which can evoke different feelings depending on who is playing the game. But one thing is certain: they are engaging sounds that give you the full Asian culture experience properly. 


The symbols of both games are where we see the most similarities. Since the theme here is Dragon Inferno, you’ll find the Dragon, golden turtle, and golden carp in both games. The Golden Dragon Inferno has symbols like Buddha and ingot, and the card suits are A, K, Q, and J. The dragon symbol is the wild, while the door-knocking mechanism is the stacked mystery symbol. 

But, with the Golden Dragon by TPG, you’ll get other symbols like a golden doodle dog. Other Chinese symbols make up the regular symbols on the reel. Similar to another dragon-themed game, the Twin Dragons, there is a golden tree that serves as the scatter of the game. 

243 Way Mechanism 

While none of these games have the chance to use doubledown codes to increase the winning chances like other games, both the Golden Dragon Inferno and the Golden Dragon have 243 ways to win. This means that you have more winning chances when playing both games.

Inferno or Classic? The Ultimate Slot Showdown

The biggest difference between the two Asian-themed games is their built-in gambling features. 

Golden Dragon Inferno by Betsoft, Experiencing the Heat of Victory

Stacked Mystery Symbols

Any reel in the game can have stacked mystery symbols. When they touch down, they’ll unveil a matching symbol that can be used to form winning combos.

Nudging Multiplier Wild Reels Feature

In the main game, reel 3 is where you can find a golden dragon symbol. It can provide a random win multiplier, which might be 2, 3, 5, 8, or 10 times. But, if the Dragon Wild does not help you produce a winning combination, you will be granted a complimentary re-spin with the Dragon Wild locked in place.

Hold and Win Feature

The Hold and Win feature kicks in if you get six or more bonus symbols in a single spin. During these three re-spins, the symbols that triggered the bonus round will remain locked in place. At the end of the re-spins, you will receive the final payoff based on the regular bonus symbols, which range from 1x to 10x the stake. Simultaneously, you have the chance to win the jackpot by landing jackpot bonus symbols:

In Golden Dragon By TPG, Fiery Riches and Flaming Fortunes

Mighty Cash Feature 

Here, six mighty cash symbols trigger the mighty cash feature. Depending on the number of coins that appear, this feature gives you free games. If the total coin symbols at the end of the free game are up to 15, a 2x multiplier will swing into action, giving you more rewards. 

If the mighty cash coin symbol is less than 15, you’ll be awarded 4 free games. 

Scatter Symbols 

Landing 3 or more scatters on the golden dragon reel will give you free games. 3 scatters qualify you for 8 free games. 4 scatters equals 16, while 5 scatters equal 24 free games.

A Magical Slot Adventure Like No Other!

The two Golden Dragon slot games discussed in this news offer exciting features. They share striking similarities, and both offer exciting gameplay. These two slots are some of the best online casino real money games you can play today at Slots Paradise Casino. Check them out!

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