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Slot Machine Shenanigans: The Evolution of a Trickster

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Slot casino game outcomes are purely based on chance. This means no skill can give you a particular result. However, people have devised different tricks to influence the game’s outcome wanting to learn how to trick a slot machine to win. While some are not so noble, and most are frowned upon, they have worked and still work today. 

In this casino news, we will look at some historical strategies that people have used to trick slot games into giving them wins. We’ll also discuss some tips you can use to win more often in modern games.

How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win: Historical Strategies

Previously, slot games were less common than we have them online now. For many years, they were physical machines alone. They had a lever for spinning the reels and mechanical components that gave random results. As such, most historical strategies and tricks were tailored to these types of slot machines.

Below are a few tips from history on how to trick a slot machine to win. 

Where Excess Meets Obsession in the Casino World

Shaved Coins

Shaved coins are one of the oldest methods used to trick slot machines. When used several times, a coin’s size and form can be changed to make it undetectable. Players could trick machines into accepting them as real currency by delicately filing down the edges. Although this strategy would have been effective in the past, the sophisticated technology in today’s casino games guarantees that any shaved coins will be identified. 

Counterfeit Money

Fake coins are one way to beat slot machines. These fake coins aim to fool the machine’s sensors into thinking they are genuine. Players can obtain payments without spending money by employing these fake coins to deceive the machine into thinking they have inserted genuine currency. Be warned, though: there are severe repercussions for being discovered with counterfeit coins. With online slots and real money games like the Wild Seven Slot Machine today, this strategy can’t work, as the funds used to bet are handled virtually, and you get playing chips in exchange for your real money deposits.

Using Magnets for Deception

Magnets is a more sophisticated tool to beat a slot machine. A small group of players created the method to trick the machines into paying out jackpots or triggering winning combinations by manipulating their magnetic sensors. Technical skill and familiarity with the machines’ inner workings are prerequisites for this approach. And there are serious repercussions for anybody discovered trying to cheat using magnets since it is against the law.

Light Wands

Another notorious tool used to fool slot machines is light wands. These little tools generate a bright light to fool the machine into paying out huge amounts of money. 

Modern Way to Play Slot Machines

The methods mentioned above were effective ways to trick different types of land-based slot machines in the past. However, not only do live casinos have strict security systems to detect possible tricksters, but also none of the above techniques work for online slot machines. They are more secure and can detect and stop any attempt at cheating. Nevertheless, players have devised legitimate and illegitimate tricks to win more. Illegitimate tricks include hacking a slot’s code, a criminal offense. 

If you’re still trying to know how to trick a slot machine to win, slot machines operate on random number generators, and attempting to manipulate them is not only illegal but also unethical. Below you can find some tips on improving your slot machine gaming.

How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win: Practice With Demo Mode

Always try out a game for free in the demo before playing online casino games with real money. This way, you will have practiced and become familiar with how the gameplay works. 

Play at Reputable Online Casinos

You should only play online slots provided by trustworthy companies. These companies use trusted RNGs to ensure that their results are entirely random and fair. 

Study the Paytable

Paytables display everything you need to know about a game. Studying them helps you understand the game better. You will also be informed whether the game has wild symbols or scatters.

How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win: Play High RTP Games

The more reels, wilds, and multipliers in a slot game, the higher the return-to-player percentage. If you prefer to play it safe, find the slot machines with the best return-to-player percentages.

Never Chase Losses

If you find yourself on a losing run, it’s important not to chase your losses and to quit playing if you’re not in the appropriate frame of mind. You shouldn’t assume you’ve mastered the game because you’re winning. It will be even more discouraging to lose sessions because of this.

Solve the Slot Machine Riddle!

Learning how to trick a slot machine to win is more complex than it sounds. Some methods are very effective but can land you in serious trouble. So, the best methods to trick slots into paying better are following gameplay rules and practicing often at the best online casino, to win more slot games. Use our 5 Slot Machine Strategy tips to better understand how our games work, so you can get acquainted with them and start winning them soon

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