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Embark on an Animated Adventure With Slots Anime

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You’ve probably watched popular anime shows but, have you ever tried your luck with the virtual roulette or been immersed in the world of slots in slots anime games? If you’re a slot connoisseur, there’s a chance you’ve been craving titles that adopt the immersive and trepidation-filled theme associated with your favorite anime.

In recent years, software providers have sought ways to incorporate “anime” inner workings into online slots based on anime lovers’ preferences. Besides the thrill of these casino games, slot anime games also give you the chance to win huge sums.

Today’s casino news will examine the best slot anime you can access at an online casino site.

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The Best Slots Anime Games to Try in 2022

Anime is a Japanese word that translates to “Animation” in English, and “Slots Anime” refers to a genre or category of online slots that are inspired by anime, the mentioned style of animation that originated in Japan. These are probably the best online casino real money games for many and typically feature characters, themes, and visual elements reminiscent of anime art and storytelling. In slots anime, players can enjoy the combination of traditional slot machine gameplay with the vibrant and captivating aesthetics of anime, creating a unique and visually appealing gaming experience. The themes, characters, and graphics draw inspiration from popular anime genres, offering players a chance to engage with the beloved art form while trying their luck at winning exciting prizes through slot spins.

Here are the best slots anime to try out in 2022 for immersion and astronomic wins:

Shinobi Wars

Resenga! (we couldn’t resist the urge). Shinobi Wars, also known as Naruto Slots, is an online casino real money slot game based on the revered anime franchise — Naruto. Upon launch, you’re transported into a world filled with Ninja Masters — each symbol is a tell-tale of a Naruto character. You could almost cut through the action featured in this game. 

Shinobi Wars might denote destruction in the original anime iteration, but its slot variation has a 96.50% RTP value alongside site bonus features (free spins, chakra boost, and the Gold Scroll feature) that should edge you towards decent wins. 

Seirei Academy

For some reason, Bleach didn’t attain the popularity levels of Naruto in the western hemisphere. But that doesn’t take –away the thrill associated with Seirei Academy. 

The storyline denotes a soul reaper named Shinigami who’s on a road trip to Seireitei. As his journey unfolds, he’ll need to battle against Hollows (evil ghosts or spirits) and pave the way for their spirits heading to the great beyond (afterlife).

Although Shinobi Wars has a greater RTP value, Seirei Academy incorporates a 96.12% RTP — higher than the industry’s average. With a decent dose of free spins and multipliers (up to 200x if lady luck grants you access to the Path to Seireitei round), your wagering adventure on Seirei Academy reiterates two things — immersion and rewards. 

Saiyan Warriors

Are there any Dragon Ball Z fans in the house? If yes, Saiyan Warriors should be your go-to alternative. This slot’s anime title incorporates characters from the original animation — Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Cell, and Freeza. Saiyan Warriors sets you on a mission of utmost importance — defending the planet. Here, you’ll need Goku to facilitate Saiyan form transformations by acquiring Dragon Balls. Collecting 7 balls triggers the Shenron free spins bonus round. 

Just before this round commences, you can select any ball to view the free spin and multiplier value you’ve been awarded. Saiyan Warriors has a 95.97% RTP. 

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is an anime slot based on the original 1995 series directed by Mamoru Oshii. This anime set the tone for the development of movies and animations in the West. The Ghost in the Shell slot reiterates the aesthetically pleasing visuals of the main film. 

This 9-payline slot has a 95% RTP. While this value might seem low, the anime slot more than makes up for its RTP deficiency with bonus features, including Free Spins and a Joker that’ll triple your winnings. This game ranks as one of the best bonus slot games as it also features a “Pick Me” bonus (triggered by simultaneously landing the two-highest symbols on the first and fifth reel). Afterward, choose either symbol to see what you’ve won. 

The Ghost in the Wheel anime slot guarantees decent winning margins and will reignite your hunger to watch the original. How nostalgic!

Should I Play Slots Anime Games?

Our answer is YES. The anime top casino games give you access to the following advantages:

  • Decent RTPs and bonus features are critical to regular and astronomical wins.
  • Immersive themes that’ll see you hitting the ‘Spin’ icon continuously.
  • Easy to play. These games don’t feature stringent rules, and you should get a hold of gameplay minutes after launch. 


If you’re a fan of anime, the slot titles we’ve given credence to in this article should tickle your fancy if you crave an exciting adventure with decent winning combos to boot. Sometimes, these games might get too interesting, causing you to exceed your wagering budget. To avoid this, endeavor to gamble responsibly and play at a verified online casino like Slots Paradise Casino! 

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