Top Cleopatra Slots: Fortunes Fit for a Pharaoh

Top Cleopatra Slots: Fortunes Fit for a Pharaoh

Themes are undeniably one of the major selling points of online slots. They come in an overwhelming number of options with unique attributes. While many are basic and some are rich. The Cleopatra Slots are among the best games with rich themes, exciting gameplay, a fascinating storyline, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Today’s casino news highlights what Cleopatra-themed slots offer and some exciting options.

Cleopatra Slots: Unlocking the Secrets of the Nile

Cleopatra, full name Cleopatra VII Philopator, was the final Ptolemaic Egyptian monarch: A stunning, wise, and politically astute woman often considered one of antiquity’s most memorable and beloved historical personalities. Her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes, died when she was eighteen years old. She then had to lead the kingdom alongside her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII. However, their relationship was compromised.

She was famously romantically involved with two great men, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. 

They were two of Rome’s most prominent generals. Cleopatra excelled diplomatically and politically. She hoped that by establishing ties with Rome and other influential people, she might keep Egypt independent and safeguard its interests.

Cleopatra fully immersed herself in Egyptian culture by presenting herself as a living manifestation of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Her knowledge of Egyptian culture, religion, and history was extensive. Although the specifics of Cleopatra’s demise are still debatable, she became an iconic figure in various industries, including the entertainment industry. iGaming is also a major benefactor. Here are some casino games inspired by this  relevant Egyptian character.

Exploring the Spooky Side of Casino Folklore

Cleopatra Fortune by Dragon Gaming 

Regarding iGaming games featuring Cleopatra, few are as well-known or iconic as Cleopatra’s Fortune Slot by Dragon Gaming. Since its release, gamers have been mesmerized by its captivating gameplay, Egyptian beauty, and the chance to win large prizes. In keeping with its ancient Egyptian theme, the Cleopatra slot features Cleopatra herself, card symbols in gem forms, a scarab beetle, an Ankh, and Anubis. 

In this easy-to-learn slot game, you’ll also find features like free spins and bonuses. The backdrop shows a vast and grieving Egyptian society, and the music fits perfectly. The slot’s exciting gameplay and irresistible Cleopatra herself have made it a classic in the iGaming industry. 

Cleopatra Coins a Cleopatra Slots by Rival Gaming

As one of the Egyptian top casino games, Cleopatra Coins by Rival Gaming is another all-time favorite you should check out. Like most Cleopatra slots, this one takes you to ancient Egypt. But it has a rather cartoonish theme, with famous characters like Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony, and the Sphinx. However, you’ll easily identify that the slot game emphasizes Cleopatra’s affairs with these great rulers. 

This slot is a 5-reel slot featuring 15 paytable slots. The gameplay takes place in a traditional Egyptian temple, with a serene environment and appropriate sound effects. The reels feature a lot of sand tones, which perfectly complement the Egyptian surroundings. Among the many depictions in the game are Cleopatra’s life as a mother, a woman, a Cleopatra Bonus coin, and a handful of others. You should check our online slots review for more comprehensive knowledge of its gameplay. 

Cleopatra 18+ by Mr. Slotty

Play Mr Slotty’s newest slot machine and get enticed by Cleopatra. The opportunity to chat with Cleo on this slot machine set in Egypt is too good to pass up. She will lead you on an adventure in which you must spin the reels to determine your destiny. 

Cleopatra 18+ is a slot machine with five reels, three rows, and twenty-five paylines. It also features free spins and substituting wilds. It has the flashiest theme of the bunch, with Ankhs, scarab, lotus, cartouche, and Cleopatra herself watching from the corner. Although it is not a progressive jackpot slot, it offers a decent RTP of 94%. You can always pick up this slot whenever you want to enjoy one of the Cleopatra slots. 


Cleopatra slots are one of the best-looking slots you can play. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they offer a good blend of the life of Cleopatra and Egyptian culture. You can always try the game for free via the demo slot versions we provide at Slots Paradise Casino. 

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