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Play With the Best Casino Table Game Odds

Although online gambling might be entertaining, most players have one goal in mind — to score astronomic wins with the best casino table game odds. Online slots might offer a decent RTP (Return to Player) value, but if you’d like to score a win that’ll see you earn Millionaire status in no time, consider table games.

With tons of table game alternatives incorporated at iGaming sites, there’s a nagging query — what variation can get me those juicy online casino jackpots that require a stroke of luck? If you’ve had this question in your mind, among many other online casino FAQs, don’t fret. In the subsequent lines of this casino news, we’ll lay bare table games with odd values crucial to propel you to mind-boggling wins.

The Billion-Dollar Game of Greed and Exploitation

Determining the Best Casino Table Game Odds

Before we list the best casino table game odds, getting a hold of the concept — house edge — is crucial. 

So, what does the house edge entail? You’ve probably heard the “house always wins” phrase. This famous saying has close links to the house edge. Simply put, the house edge measures the advantage a select casino title has over you during gameplay. 

Let’s put things into perspective: Imagine playing a game that wields a 0.5% house edge. For every $100 you wager, you’ll lose 50 cents. If a game’s house edge is 5%, the casino gains $5 for every $100 bet. 

Now, let’s look at some of the top casino games with the best odds, in the table games category. These categories should tickle your fancy:

The Best Casino Table Game Odds Are Likely in Craps

If you enjoy dice-based casino games, craps should tickle your fancy. A shooter comes to the fore to execute a dice roll. To make headway, accurately determining the result of that roll is a vital prerequisite. 

If the shooter punts the dice forward and it yields a 7 or 11, they win. However, if the die lands on any other number, a point occurs. The shooter must meet the point before they get the chance to roll another winning 7.

You have several options if you’re not a shooter in a craps game. Nonetheless, the most notable is the active shooter’s probability of winning in the subsequent session. By making simple bets when you play online casino craps, the house (your chosen iGaming site) doesn’t have an astronomic edge over you. In craps, you have a 50% chance of winning. 


Blackjack has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. The race to the 21 is next to none, and it’s no surprise that iGamers worldwide enjoy this game of trepidation. 

Blackjack gameplay is simple. You get drawn alongside a dealer (real or RNG-based). The dealer deals cards and the first person to reach 21 without going over, wins the game. You can choose to Stand or Hit to increase your chances of getting to 21.

In Blackjack, you have a 49% chance of winning. Blackjack ranks high in terms of winning odds compared to other table games. Here, you’re almost guaranteed a win on every two trials. Unlike previous notions, Blackjack isn’t just a game of luck. Instead, it’s a combo of skill and luck. Players decide what move will edge them closer to the 21. Most Blackjack titles you’ll find at online casinos field a 1% house edge, making it one of the most rewarding table games.

Don’t miss the chance to expand your knowledge – read our casino guides now and learn how to play blackjack like a pro!


On the prowl for the best casino table game odds? Consider Roulette games. Seeing the Roulette ball enter a wagered pocket is exciting — little wonder why gamblers spend a fortune on related titles.

The game of Roulette has 38 numbers (1 to 36 and 0 or 00). However, while American Roulette has double zeros, European and French Roulette has a single zero. 

Roulette is simple to play. All you need to do is place a wager on the pocket the Roulette ball will land. To increase your odds, place wagers on specific numbers (e.g., 1 – 18 or 1 – 12).  For context, the winning odds on American Roulette is 47.3%. However, you can step up your fortunes in European Roulette as the odds of winning here are capped at 48.7%.


We have shed light on table games that present the best winning odds. Although Blackjack and Craps are in contention for the #1 spot, you can also stake a claim on varying Roulette formats. Always gamble responsibly regardless of how immersive and rewarding wagering on the aforementioned alternatives might seem. Visit Slots Paradise Casino for a fun-filled gaming experience.

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