Qiyu Zhou’s: Cultural Ambassadorship and Chess Global Representation

Qiyu Zhou’s: Cultural Ambassadorship and Chess Global Representation

Qiyu Zhou is a woman chess Grandmaster and a FIDE Master (with a peak rating of 2367). She’s the first female Canadian player to earn both titles and the youngest to win the Finnish National Chess Championship. Her talent shines so bright that a section in the Finnish textbook “Suomi” is devoted to her remarkable story.

Join us as we discuss Qiyu Zhou’s career history, playing style, and life beyond chess in this casino news.

Mastering the Chessboard: Follow Qiyu Zhou’s Journey!

Qiyu Zhou, born on January 6th, 2000, in China, discovered chess at age 3 when her family moved to Antibes, France. Qiyu Zhou’s father, Jiehan Zhou, holds a PhD in computer engineering and worked at the French National Research Institute. Her mother, Changrong Yu, holds a PhD in English linguistics.

While walking down the street in France, Qiyu Zhou was attracted to a chess set similar to the one in some casino table games, which piqued her interest. Fascinated by chess, she joined a nearby club at four, sparked by her parents’ gift of a chess set. She displayed great potential for chess at the club, thrashing boys over twice her age.

At that age, she could probably win Chinese chess online. Her coach Gilles recognized her potential, urging her to excel in numerous French regional tournaments, where she succeeded. In 2005, Zhou’s father moved to Finland with his family, where he worked at the Finnish National Research Center VTT and the University of Oulu. This period was a big break year for Qiyu Zhou. 

She competed in the U-10 Finnish Youth Opening under the supervision of coach Jouni of the Shakki-77 chess club at the University of Oulu. She caused a big wave in the Finnish chess community as she won the championship title and made the headlines in several news publications and media interviews for achieving such a feat at just 5. This achievement resulted in Qiyu Zhou being featured in the elementary school textbook, “Suomi.”

In 2010, she qualified for the World Youth Chess Championship 2010 and traveled to compete in several international championship events. Many players who know how to play Chinese checkers watched her.

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Major Accomplishments in Chess for Qiyu Zhou

2011, Zhou relocated to Ottawa, Canada, with her parents, where she began to record global recognition. After switching federations, Zhou competed at the Canadian Youth Chess Championship events of 2012 and 2013. She won the title for both years. Zhou earned her first rating, 1710, in 2011, which rose to 1900 in 2013.

In 2014, Qiyu Zhou achieved her dream after she competed at the World Youth Championships in South Africa in the girls’ U14 division. She won the title that year and returned to Canada with a gold medal. In 2015, Zhou earned the FIDE Woman International Master title after winning the North American Youth Chess Championships event in the U-18 division in Mexico.

2016 was a peak year in her career. She clicked her peak rating of 2367, earned the FIDE Master title, qualified for the Woman Grandmaster title, and won the Canadian Women’s Championship title. She is the first Canadian woman to win the Woman Grandmaster title. 

These accomplishments sealed her name among the best Canadian female chess players. In 2017, she eventually achieved the Woman Grandmaster title. At her peak, Zhou was number 100 in the world.

Qiyu Zhou and Her Chess Playing Style

Qiyu Zhou has a bold style of play. She uses different moves depending on whether she’s with white or black chess pieces. 

When using the white pieces, Qiyu employs Winawer, an advanced French Defense variation, and the Four Knights variation of Sicilian Defense. She also uses Open, Najdorf, and English Attack, all variations of Sicilian Defense. Additionally, she uses different variations of the Caro-Kann Defense.

When playing with black pieces, Qiyu Zhou uses different variations of the Ruy López Opening, including the Morphy Defense, Keres, Breyer, and Zaitsev Hybrid Variation. She also uses the Nimzo-Indian Defense, King’s Indian Attack, and Catalan Opening.

There are other tactics she uses aside from these.

Online Streaming Career 

Aside from playing chess, Qiyu Zhou is also a content creator. Though she formerly streams on BotezLive and Chess.com, she sometimes streams with other creators, like Andrea Botez, on Twitch and YouTube with the screen name “akaNemsko.” She has an active presence online with over 336,000 Twitch followers, over 127,000 subscribers on YouTube with about 22.3 million views, 111,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), and 203,000 followers on Instagram. In 2022, Qiyu Zhou received the title of the best chess streamer of the year.

Plenty of players of online casino games are fond of chess games online, so her story is an inspiration for many who seek to strive in strategic games that require your attention, skill, and knowledge of the game.


Unlike casino games, which are based on chance and often involve wagering money, chess is a strategic board game of skill that requires critical thinking, foresight, and planning. While both chess and casino games can be enjoyed for their entertainment value, they belong to different categories of games with distinct characteristics and rules.

Qiyu Zhou has extended her strategy from her chess career to other fields in the gaming world. Her journey has been marked by nothing short of excellence as she continues to evolve, pushing beyond her limits and inspiring other chess players to learn with her story and the assistance of online casino guides.

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