From Park Place to Boardwalk: The Original Monopoly Journey

From Park Place to Boardwalk: The Original Monopoly Journey

Do you know that the original Monopoly game we love today was first called “The Landlord’s Game?” Well, this timeless classic has a rich history owing its origins to the early 20th century United States. 

Over time, we’ve thought that the creation of the original Monopoly game was breathed life by Charles Darrow before selling it to the Parker Brothers. However, looking into history, we discovered that such an assertion wasn’t true. The first concept of the original Monopoly game backdated to The Landlord’s Game, created by Lizzie Magie in 1903. 

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The Original Monopoly Game Concept: A Landlord’s Game

In 1903, Elizabeth Magie had this brilliant idea called “The Landlord’s Game.” It was like an early prototype of Monopoly. She patented it in 1904. Her game wasn’t just about rolling dice and buying properties; it was a way to teach economics. She was inspired by an economist named Henry George and his ideas on land value tax.

The game had a square board with nine spaces on each side, and some of them were like “Go to Jail” or “Public Park.” Players went around buying properties and railroads, and “chance cards” threw some chaos into the mix with quotes from famous folks like Thomas Jefferson.

What’s remarkable is that there were two sets of rules, one for the original Monopoly game and one for anti-monopoly folks. Magie herself was on the anti-monopoly team, trying to show how the rich get richer and the poor stay poor in our world.

She tried to get Parker Brothers to publish it in 1909, but they said it was too hard to understand. So, over the years, different game versions popped up, with slight changes here and there. 

In 1910, they started naming streets differently, and it even made its way to the UK as “Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.” There was even a shorter version called Auction Monopoly, also in the 1910s. 

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Charles Darrow and the Birth of the Monopoly Game

In 1932, Charles Darrow discovered The Landlord’s Game, a homemade Atlantic City version, at a friend’s place. He loved it so much that he created his version with spelling mistakes and wrote down the rules.

Darrow and his family handcrafted the initial Monopoly sets. They started on oilcloth boards before finding a printer for square boards. Charles even collaborated with graphic designers, adding iconic elements. They include the red car on Free Parking, the red arrow on Go, and the black locomotives for the railroads. These artistic touches played a significant role in making Monopoly among the beloved table games at casinos we know today.

The Takeover

1935, Parker Brothers got wind of the original Monopoly game and saw its potential. They bought the rights to it from Charles Darrow, who claimed to be the sole inventor. Interestingly, it was a variation of Lizzie Magie’s The Landlord’s Game. Parker Brothers offered her just $500 for her patent. 

Their redesigned version, with the help of cartoonist F. O. Alexander, set in Atlantic City, became a massive hit, selling 20,000 units a week within a month of its 1935 release. It was a game-changer for Parker Brothers, their biggest hit in 50 years. Poor Lizzie got a raw deal!

The Monopoly Game: Global Recognition and Fame

When Monopoly debuted in the UK in 1936, it hit the jackpot. It became a sensation thanks to a deal with Parker Brothers and some renamed properties. The Waddington version is distributed widely through Europe and the Commonwealth. Locations like Old Kent Road and Fenchurch Street Station are as familiar to Sydneysiders as those in Sidmouth. Monopoly, along with Cluedo, turned Waddingtons into a game-making giant.

Today, owned by Hasbro, Monopoly ranks among the board’s best-selling or top casino games ever, only trailing behind chess, backgammon, and draughts. It’s available in 47 languages with over 300 themed versions. Since its 1935 debut, an estimated billion people have played it, and nearly 300 million sets have been sold in 114 countries. It became famous for its simplicity and oriented gameplay. Monopoly is a timeless classic for the festive holidays. 

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The original Monopoly game originated as an anti-monopoly board game and has evolved into a global sensation. Like the Rummy 500 rules, learning the complete set of rules can be a heavy task for some, but rewarding in the end, once you get your name in the most expensive properties! Despite the many changes it experienced, the game’s enduring fame continues to spark joy and friendly debates worldwide.

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