Freeway Poker Casino Game

The Freeway Poker casino game from Vibra Gaming offers players an exciting video poker game with wins of up to 1,500x for a Royal Flush in ascending order. Played with a single 52-card deck, players need to create the best hand they can from the cards dealt. Should you land a four-of-a-kind, a Bonus Round is triggered where another card is dealt from a separate pack. If the card dealt matches yours, you win 240x instead of 60x. For those feeling brave, there is also a Double Up feature!

Will you reveal a Royal Flush? Play the Freeway Poker game online now to find out.

Freeway Poker Casino Game RTP and Variance

The RTP for the Freeway Poker game is 92%, which is lower than we like to see. The volatility is also unknown. For many, this would be off-putting, but we think Freeway Poker is well worth a go, as it provides additional features and plenty of winning opportunities.

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Freeway Poker Bonus Features

In this game, the Double Up game comprises five cards face up and the sixth card face down. You must predict whether the value of the sixth card will be higher or lower. You can also try the “One Hit”, where you guess the rank and suit for a 10x payout boost. 

If you win, you will be given the option to “Double” and risk again or “Pay” and collect.

Freeway Poker Casino Game Symbols and Gameplay

The Freeway Poker casino game makes use of a full deck of cards from A to K, all in a retro style. Payouts range from double your bet for Two Pairs to 1,500x your wager if you manage to get a Royal Flush in ascending order. 

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How to Play Freeway Poker Casino Game

We look at how to play this amazing retro video poker game!

Start the round by selecting the amount that you want to play per hand using the “Up” and “Down” arrows near the wager amount. 

Next, select “Play” to deal the cards. Should you wish to switch any of the cards, simply select them and then press “Change” which will give you a result. If you win, you can double your money in a Double Up game.   

For information on the rules and payouts, select the “?” icon at the top left of the screen. 

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The betting levels in this casino game stretch from $0.10 to $200 per round.

Royal Flush in Ascending Orderx1,500
Royal Flush in Non-Ascending Orderx500
Straight Flushx150
4-of-a-Kind with a Card Value Matchx120
4-of-a-Kind with a Suit Matchx120
4-of-a-Kind with a Card Value and Suit Matchx140
Blaze (Any Five Royals)x12
Full Housex10
Two Pairsx2


Right from launching the Freeway Poker casino game, players will quickly notice that Vibra has added a retro spin to the game, especially with the pixelated graphics. It’s a typical poker game for the most part, but there are additional features thrown in, too. Have fun with the One-Hit and Double Up features that make the gaming session that little bit more exciting.

Get in on the action and play for real money wins in the Freeway Poker casino game. Register today and check out our casino guides for handy tips and tricks.

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Freeway Poker FAQs

How Many Cards Are Used In The Freeway Poker Casino Game?

The Freeway Poker game is played with a single 52-card deck.

What Is The One-Hit Feature In The Freeway Poker Casino Game?

The One-Hit feature allows players to guess the rank and suit of a face-down card for a 10x payout of their last win.

What Is The Top Prize In The Freeway Poker Casino Game?

The top prize in the Freeway Poker game is 1,500x the bet for a Royal Flush in ascending order.

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