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Bonus Mania Slot by KA Gaming

Bonus Mania Slot Game

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The Bonus Mania Slot gives users something special to enjoy. Compared to other games from KA Gaming, which you can view in our game reviews, this one is more compact and streamlined. It is an arcade-like slot with a single payline, but there’s an added twist.

Instead of merely having three reels in play, this one has a Bonus Reel serving as the fourth reel. This extra reel is a small change, but it pumps up the value of the game enormously. 

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How to Play the Bonus Mania Slot

As for the returns, you could score a payout by forming combinations on the first three reels of the Bonus Mania Slot. But because of the additional fourth reel, the initial payouts could go much further.

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Bonus Mania Slot RTP and Variance

It’s not entirely surprising to see the 94% RTP rating that KA Gaming has assigned to the Bonus Mania Slot online. Many online slots from this provider are supplied with this exact RTP, and the value itself should lead to frequent returns. However, the size and scale of these wins are somewhat less predictable, as there is no variance rating currently.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Betting scales don’t get much greater than what the Bonus Mania slot online provides. $0.15 is the entry point and it climbs to $15 at the top end.

Symbol3 on a Payline
Any Three Symbolsx1.33
Any Three BARx3.33
Any Three 7sx13.33
Double BARx13.33
Single 7sx33.33
Double 7sx66.66
Triple 7sx333.33

Bonus Mania Slot Bonus Features

The fourth reel is where all of the engaging features can appear. This reel will churn through three features on a constant rotation. These include multipliers, instant wins, and a re-spin feature. 

Starting with the multipliers, these range from 2x to 10x and boost your initial payout by the respective number. As for instant wins, they are given as a multiple of your stake size. If you’re betting the game’s maximum, these payouts could be $2000 or $5000. Finally, should a Re-Spin land, you will receive between 1 and 5 spins.

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Symbols and Gameplay

After hitting the “Spin” button, you are automatically engaged in a retro slot game with theme music right out of the 80s. Thanks to the speed of reel spins and the immersive visuals, the quality of the Bonus Mania Slot Game is far beyond what its simple appearance might suggest.

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If there’s anything that this review has confirmed, it’s that the Bonus Mania slot has immense features and huge payouts. To fan the flames and be in with a chance of winning big, sign up at the best online casino and get started.

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Bonus Mania Slot FAQs

Does The Bonus Reel Always Land On A Reward?

It’s possible for the Bonus Reel to land on nothing at all.

What Is The Most That Can Be Won In The Base Game?

The most you can win is $5,000 which works out at 333x the maximum wager.

Does A Higher Bet Boost My Chances Of Getting A Payout?

The chances of scoring a win on any spin are the same regardless of the bet level.

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3 Reels & 1 Row
1 Payline
$15 Max Wager
4th Bonus Reel
94% RTP