Jungle Slot by KA Gaming

Step into the wild at Slots Paradise Casino with the Jungle Slot, where a tropical forest teeming with exotic animals awaits your play. KA Gaming’s creative genius shines through in its remarkable features.

Believe it or not, every base game spin has the potential to trigger a series of features thanks to an additional Bonus Reel. This creates the possibility of landing the game’s top rewards with a single spin, but even if you don’t score the largest returns, you’ve still got 30 paylines on each rotation.

Fancy hanging out with these animals? Join now and let the fun begin.

How to Play the Jungle Slot

While keeping one eye on the deadly jungle animals, you can cast the other down to the control panel. Key icons relating to coin denominations and bet levels should be visible, and you can push these up/down as you see fit in the Jungle Slot game. Naturally, these values combine to create a total bet for each spin. This total bet is then multiplied by the respective payout values following each winning spin. 

Find more gameplay details for the Jungle slot by clicking the “?” icon.

The Casino Edge: Finding Your Advantage!

Jungle Slot RTP and Variance

As the paytable confirms, the Jungle Slot online isn’t packing a huge difference in payout values between the themed and card symbols. This is what makes it a low variance slot, and the 95.84% RTP should lead to a respectable payout frequency.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Bets start at just $0.30 for the Jungle Slot online, which is an accessible entry point for most. Those who wish to go bigger can swing for the tree tops and wager up to $30 at a time.

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Jungle Slot Bonus Features

All eyes should be on the unique Bonus Reel that sits on top of the main grid in the Jungle slot. There are three spaces on this reel, each corresponding with the middle three reels of the base game. When a “Spin” symbol visits any reel, the Bonus Reel then churns out one of several enticing features.

These can include multipliers, instant wins with more multipliers, and other exciting elements.

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Symbols and Gameplay

KA Gaming has once again produced one of the best online slots in the visuals department. The color scheme is both immersive and inviting, and the combination of standard card symbols with themed symbols works well. Then again, nothing stands out more than the unique Bonus Reels sitting above the matrix. 

Even the most popular games in our game reviews don’t always display such creativity, so KA Gaming deserves some credit for that.


Step into the verdant realm of towering trees and untamed wildlife with the thrilling Jungle Slot. Dare to assert your dominion over the rich wilderness as you spin your way through the dense foliage of rewards. Don’t just witness the kingdom of the untamed from afar; join now and immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding excitement of chasing the crown of the jungle. 

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Jungle Slot FAQs

Can I Set Plenty Of Spins On Autopilot In This Game?

Yes, you can set as many as 200 at a time, but you must have adequate funds to cover the programmed sequence.

What Symbol Must Appear For The Bonus Reel To Spin?

For the Bonus Reel to spin, a “Spin” symbol must land on one of the three middle reels.

Is It Easy To Play The Jungle Slot Game On Mobile?

Yes. With full-screen play enabled, it’s a piece of cake to play this game on any smartphone.

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