Legend of the Nile Slot Game

Legend of the Nile Slot Game

Join the legends of ancient Egypt in the Legend of the Nile slot from Betsoft. This slot takes players to the land of the Sphinx and Pyramids, a land that thrived for thousands of years and gave birth to many of the ideas and concepts we now take for granted.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet in the famous Nile River, jump right in and spin now. If you want to learn a little more, check out the following Legend of the Nile slot review.

How to Play the Legend of the Nile Slot

You will find all of the icons you need to set your wager and spin at the bottom of the Legend of the Nile slot game reels. Use the left and right arrows on Choose Coin and Bet Level to adjust your total stake and then click the purple “Spin” button when ready.

There is also an “Auto-Play” to automate your bets, a “Max Bet” to automatically set the highest possible wager, and a Double-Up where you can go double-or-nothing. The latter is only available following a payout and will only risk the money earned during that payout.

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Legend of the Nile RTP and Variance

Legend of the Nile has a very active set of reels and these produce regular wins, leading to a variance rating of low to medium. The RTP is 95.62% and this also helps to ensure those wins keep coming.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Tomb 1.33x2x3.33x6.66x10x13.30x33.30x100x
Scarab Beetle1.33x2x3.33x6.66x10x13.30x33.30x100x
Eye 0.66x1.33x2.50x3.33x5x6.66x20x50x
Symbol 0.66x1.33x2.50x3.33x5x6.66x20x50x
Bird Letter0.50x1x1.66x2.50x3.33x5x6.66x15x
Flower Letter0.50x1x1.66x2.50x3.33x5x6.66x15x
River Symbol0.33x0.50x1x1.66x2.50x3.33x5x10x

Legend of the Nile Bonus Features

Legend of the Nile is a Cluster Pays slot. This means that there are no traditional paylines and all connecting symbols of 4 or more will trigger a payout. When this happens, all of the winning symbols will explode and disappear, with new ones falling down from above. If there is another win, the process will repeat and it’ll keep repeating until there are no more payouts.

The Ra symbol is the other feature to look out for. One or more of these symbols triggers a payout and advances the Ra Power Bar. If it makes it to x8, you’ll get 8 Free Spins. Additional spins are added for x9, x12, and x15, followed by a 400x win for x17 and the game’s jackpot payout for x20.

This jackpot is known as the Ra Legendary Win and activates a payout of 2,500x, equating to $2,500 for a $1 bet.

Symbols and Gameplay

Legend of the Nile is an epic 6×6 slot with an equally epic soundtrack. It’s an immersive title that will transport you back to ancient Egypt, or rather to the blockbuster films set during this magnificent and opulent era.  There’s a lot happening on those reels, and the world of Legend of the Nile will slowly uncover when you start spinning them. 

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Legend of the Nile looks like a simple online slots machine on the surface, but once you crack open those enigmatic rules you’ll find a massive 6×6 game screen loaded with big symbols. There are a couple of in-game features and a double-or-nothing option to add an extra layer of fun.

Play the Legend of the Nile slot today to try these features for yourself! You can also try other games and variants for added payout diversity, and different rules and gameplay, like the Roulette game, Texas Hold’em, or Baccarat.

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Legend of the Nile NJP Slot FAQs

What is the Maximum Win on the Legend of the Nile Slot?

The most that you can win in a single game is $98,954,00.

What is the Minimum Bet?

If you reduce all of the coin settings you can reduce your wager to just $0.30 per spin.

What is the Maximum Bet?

With coins and levels set to the maximum, the wager will be $3 per spin.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Conor Larson
Legend of the Nile is a fantastic game

I have never been so hooked on a game before! Legend of the Nile is a fantastic game that keeps you entertained for hours.

 by Adam Klein
A must-play for anyone

A must-play for anyone who enjoys strategy games. Legend of the Nile is deep and complex yet still manages to be fun and exciting.

 by Juan Allen
The gameplay is engaging and addicting

Legend of the Nile is a phenomenal game that I would highly recommend to anyone. The gameplay is engaging and addicting, and the graphics are unbelievable.

 by Catalina Ortiz
I'm enjoying this game!

I'm enjoying this game! It's so well made, and the attention to detail is impressive. I can't wait to see more!"

 by Harrison Cox
This game is seriously amazing!

This game is seriously amazing! I can't put it down, the graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is so much fun! I can't wait to see more of it!

 by Wyatt Carter
The story is incredible

I have never been so captivated by a game; the story is incredible, and the gameplay is fantastic.

 by Eliana Kelly
I highly recommend this game

I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves strategy games, and it is an incredible experience.

 by Frank Nelson
Incredible blend of strategy

If you are looking for a game that is an incredible blend of strategy and fun, look no further than Legend of the Nile.

 by Everly Morris
The graphics and music are amazing

The graphics and music are amazing, and the gameplay is fun and addicting. The storyline is exciting, and the game is challenging.

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