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Mechanical Orange Slot from BGaming

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If steampunk grabs your attention then the Mechanical Orange slot from BGaming was made for you!

It sees a literal mechanical orange become the reels. The game removes a segment, and then the reels spin within that segment. It has a wonderfully unique aesthetic. If you want a game that provides a different view to other slots on the market, this is it.

Read our Mechanical Orange Slot Review, become part of the steampunk revolution, and give the Mechanical Orange online slot a try.

How to Play Mechanical Orange Slot

If you find the layout for Mechanical Orange Slot difficult to comprehend, don’t worry. We’re here to help you get to grips with it.

As there’s only one payline, there’s no way of increasing or decreasing the number of lines you play. You can change the stake, though. This is done with the “+” and “-” buttons. 

Finally, there are two buttons for spins: Players can use a manual spin button for single spins and set up an Auto-Spin to carry out multiple spins.

There are also sound controls and other settings available at the bottom left of the screen. Play with the Mechanical Orange Demo to test the game yourself.

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Mechanical Orange Slot RTP and Variance

The RTP is of 96%. This is generally the standard RTP for casino online real money slots, so it’s a solid starting point. It means that players will get a level of return that’s in line with most other titles.

The variance for Mechanical Orange is around the medium level. Although it has just a single payline, the lower number of symbols means that it’s not too difficult to trigger payouts. The maximum payout of 1,000 times the player stake is also in line with that of a medium variance title.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Symbol3 on a Payline

Mechanical Orange Slot Bonus Features

Mechanical Orange provides a slightly different experience from other slots on the market. Instead of offering a wide range of different complex Bonus features, it keeps things very simple. As a result, there are no Bonus symbols included in the game. 

The lack of Wilds stops extra wins from being created, but the smaller number of symbols means it’s not too difficult to reveal winning lines. It would be nice for additional features to be included, but it doesn’t take away from the overall experience.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols in Mechanical Orange are all based on the steampunk theme. The 7 symbol pays out the most in the game, offering 1,000 times the player stake. As there is just a single payline it means that every payout in the game is related to the total stake.

All of the symbols look excellent, proving just how much effort BGaming has put into the overall design. The gameplay is also extremely simple, which ensures that it’s easy for players to get started.

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Mechanical Orange is the perfect slot game for players who like simplicity. While it doesn’t have any Bonus features, it still has enough going on to make it a lot of fun. The controls are also excellent, with BGaming making sure that it’s extremely user-friendly. It makes this a great slot for new players.

If a steampunk adventure sounds like it would be right up your street, Mechanical Orange could be perfect for you. Peel away the rind and start spinning today!

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Mechanical Orange Slot FAQs

What is the Bonus Round in Mechanical Orange?

There isn’t a Bonus Round featured in Mechanical Orange. It means that the base game is the sole gameplay element on offer.

Are there Any Wild Symbols Featured in Mechanical Orange?

There aren’t. The game is solely played with the standard symbols.

What is the Maximum Payout?

Up to 1,000x, the player stake can be paid out on any single spin in the Mechanical Orange slot.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Vojislov Jagodić
The layout of Mechanical Orange was quite peculiar

The layout of Mechanical Orange was quite peculiar however when I got to play the game it became more apparent that this layout was the perfect choice for this slot game.

 by Miomor Jelesić
Play this slot again.

I struggled to find the volume section of Mechanical Orange on my smartphone however this slot game was a pleasure to play and I’d definitely play this slot again.

 by Sazdana Svilarić
I had a lot of fun playing Mechanical Orange

I had a lot of fun playing Mechanical Orange although I wished I had won just a little more. But I had a good time playing this slot game and would definitely play this again.

 by Pava Jankelićŷ
I would like to score this an eight out of ten

The avatars in Mechanical Orange move just a little which was enough for this slot game. I wish this slot had a multiplier so because of this I would like to score this an eight out of ten.

 by Milina Mićić
I didn’t have this problem when it came to the Mechanical Orange slot machine

Slot games like these ones tend to be more overwhelming but I didn’t have this problem when it came to the Mechanical Orange slot machine.

 by Sredoja Podinić
I’ve always been interested in inventions

I’ve always been interested in inventions, and so when I bumped into Mechanical Orange, I knew it was the right slot game for me.

 by Jelka Bjelinić
I’d give this slot game five stars

Mechanical Orange is a slot game I intend on playing for some time as the storyline is interesting and the wins are superb. I’d give this slot game five stars.

 by Nevena Trivunić
Mechanical Orange has a good RTP

Mechanical Orange has a good RTP, and while playing, I was able to gain small, medium, and big wins, which kept the game interesting.

 by Radusin Dušanić
I had no glitches even with the music which was good

I thought the combination for Mechanical Orange was perfect and that everything ran smoothly. I had no glitches even with the music which was good.

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Retro Style
No Free Spins
Max Win of 1,000x
Small Number of Symbols
96% RTP
3 Reels and 1 Payline