Moji Mania Slot Game

Moji Mania Slot Game

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Moji Mania slot, a captivating game provided by SuperSpade Games. This game is a visual delight, featuring a colorful and engaging emoji theme that promises hours of fun. With its unique features and generous payouts, Moji Mania is not just a simple game, it’s one of those exciting online slots waiting to be explored. 

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How to Play Moji Mania Slot

Playing the Moji Mania slot online is straightforward as a Roulette game. It operates on a 6×6 board activated by pressing the pink circle on the right. Wins are formed by landing clusters of emojis. The game’s rules are simple: firstly set your bet size by clicking the ‘Bet’ section and match emojis to form winning combinations, with the cluster pays mechanic providing numerous ways to win.

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Moji Mania Slot RTP and Variance

The Moji Mania slot game boasts an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.75%, which is pretty average for slot games, as you can see from previous game reviews. However, the variance level is not explicitly stated, which adds an element of surprise to the gaming experience.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The wide betting range in Moji Mania accommodates all types of online casino players. Bets start as low as $0.20 and go up to $100 per spin. The paytable features a variety of emojis, with payouts ranging from 0.05x to 7.5x the bet, depending on the symbol and cluster size.

Symbol3 on a Payline4 on a Payline5 on a Payline6 on a Payline
Sunglasses Emojix0.25x1x2.50x7.50
Heart Eyes Emojix0.15x0.75x2x6.25
Crazy Emojix0.15x0.50x1.50x5
Sad Emojix0.15x0.40x1x3.75
Poop Emojix0.10x0.25x0.50x2.50
Fire Emojix0.10x0.25x0.50x2

Moji Mania Slot Bonus Features

Moji Mania is packed with enticing bonus features. 

  1. Cascading Feature: This activates when you land a winning combination. The winning symbols disappear, allowing new ones to drop into their place, offering a fresh opportunity to win on the same spin.
  2. Transforming Wilds: The game includes a special Wild symbol that can substitute for basic symbols to form winning combinations. Additionally, Chatbox symbols can randomly appear, transforming standard icons into Wilds, enhancing your chances of winning.
  3. Multiplier: Each consecutive win from the Cascading Feature increases a bonus multiplier, starting at 2x and increasing by two with each consecutive win. This multiplier enhances the potential for larger payouts with each successive win.
  4. Free Spins: Landing four or more Scatter symbols (Diamonds) triggers at least 10 free spins. During these spins, the multiplier effect is increased, offering greater winning potential.
  5. Bonus Buy: For immediate access to the free spins mode, players can also use the ‘Buy Free Spins’ feature. By spending 100 times the current total bet, you can activate the free spins instantly, an appealing option for players looking for quick action.

Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols include the Sunglasses Emoji, Heart Eyes Emoji, Crazy Emoji, Sad Emoji, Poop Emoji, Fire Emoji, alongside the more traditional symbols like the Rose and Confetti. These emojis are central to the game’s aesthetic, offering a fun and visually appealing experience as players spin the reels and explore the various features of Moji Mania.


Moji Mania slot by SuperSpade Games is an engaging and potentially lucrative online slot game. Its high RTP, diverse betting range, and numerous bonus features make it a must-try for slot enthusiasts.

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Moji Mania Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Moji Mania?

The RTP is 96.75%.

Can I play this slot for free?

Yes, you can play the demo version at Slots Paradise Casino to get a feel for the game before betting real money.

What are the key features of Moji Mania?

Key features include Cascading Wins, Transforming Wilds, Multipliers, Free Spins, and a Buy Bonus.

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