Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game

Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game

Sweet Treats 2 Slot is a game that adopts a different approach from the video online slots that you might be used to. With similar mechanics to video games, this is a title that will keep you engaged from the first spin until the last.

Choose the best candy for your needs and walk away with the very best prizes after playing one of our most exciting casino games.

How to Play Sweet Treats 2 Slot

It’s not a difficult task to get started with Sweet Treats 2 Slot at the best online casino, Slots Paradise Casino!

The bottom left side of the screen hosts the coin value and total stake buttons. Here players can choose how much to stake for each coin and how many coins to wager in total. 

The spin button is close to the right side and offers a single spin. To the left of this button is an Auto-Play icon, Max Bet button, and the icon for the Gamble feature. Give the game a try with the Sweet Treats 2 Demo version, it’s free! Or try new games like the Hoo Hey How online slot game for an alternative to your regular gameplay.

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Sweet Treats 2 Slot RTP and Variance

The RTP for Sweet Treats 2 is currently unavailable. This is a slight negative as it would be nice to be aware of what the potential return is. 

It has a low to medium variance in place. This is mostly evident through the 980x maximum win that the game offers and the number of wins provided by the Cascading Reels feature.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The stake multiplies payouts; each cluster multiplies the value of the per-symbol payout by the number of symbols in a cluster. You need at least 4 symbols for a paying cluster:

SymbolPayout Per Symbol Per Coin
Free Spins
Level Up
Green Triangle15x
Orange Circle12x
Blue Circle10x
Green Crescent8x
Purple Circle6x
Purple Square4x

Sweet Treats 2 Slot Bonus Features

The first feature available in Sweet Treats 2 Slots is related to the reels themselves. Whenever a win occurs, the winning symbols will explode, and new symbols will drop into place. If this creates new wins, the process will repeat.

The Free Spins feature activates if a cluster of at least 4 Free Spin symbols lands. This awards 5 spins for 4 symbols. Every extra symbol will award 2 extra spins, so 95 spins are available in total.

Whenever players create at least 5 consecutive wins, they also receive a Chocolate Bomb as an award. Every extra win will increase the size of the bomb. As soon as players stop making further wins, it lands on the reels and explodes.

Finally, the level-up symbol will help you to increase your chances of landing big payouts by adding more Bonus symbols to the reels.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols here are all candy. Their design is highly appealing, and they look so tempting that you’ll feel like plucking them from the reels.

As this game has Cluster Pays and Cascading Reels, it can feel like a puzzle game. The wins can quickly add up as well, especially when a number of clusters land in a row. 


Sweet Treats 2 is a game with a massive selection of features and some very enjoyable gameplay. It looks great and matches up to its theme exactly as you’d expect it to. If you want a slot that has a slightly different gameplay style, this is the game for you. Take on and enjoy some fast-paced video poker action today.

Satisfy your sweet tooth wants and give those Sweet Treats 2 reels a spin.

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Sweet Treats 2 Slot FAQs

Is There a Free Spins Round?

Yes, there is. The Free Spins feature is activated just like the standard wins. A cluster of at least 4 Free Spin symbols is needed. The more symbols in the cluster, the higher the number of spins.

Are There Multipliers Included in Sweet Treats 2?

No, there aren’t. The game doesn’t provide any Multipliers for winning combinations. However, the Cascading Wins means that a single win can trigger a lot of payouts.

What is the Maximum Payout?

Up to 980x can be won on a single cluster in Sweet Treats 2.

Slots Paradise
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Nicholas Ortiz
Sweat Treats 2 is the best

Sweat Treats 2 is the best. Just wait until you get your first Chocolate Bomb. Overall, this slot has been a ton of fun.

 by Blair Davis
This game is so addicting

This game is so addicting! I’ve quickly leveled up and gotten even more wins. Keep up the great work!

 by Sienna Gilbert
I just started playing but I won’t stop for a while

I love Sweat Treats 2. The graphics are amazing and everything is super colorful. I just started playing but I won’t stop for a while.

 by Madeleine Johnson
I love this game

I love this game! The graphics are great and all of the candy and symbols are bursting with color. It’s too bad I can’t eat the candy through the screen!

 by Amari Davidson
Sweat Treats 2 is fantastic

Sweat Treats 2 is fantastic! I can't believe how much fun I'm having. It took me a while to win, but once I did, I had a few more prizes shortly after.

 by Sienna Bailey
Great symbols and tons of free spins

You’ll have a hard time finding a more entertaining slot than Sweet Treats 2. Great symbols and tons of free spins.

 by Garrett Watkins
Sweet Treats 2 is so much fun

Sweet Treats 2 is so much fun! You’ll have much better luck winning here than playing a more traditional online slot.

 by Felix Edwards
The overall design of Sweet Treats 2 is truly next level

The overall design of Sweet Treats 2 is truly next level. I thought the first Sweet Treats was great, but the sequel blows it out of the water.

 by Giovanni Fuller
I’ve been addicted since my first spin

I’ve been addicted since my first spin. I really like how many special features you get the more you keep playing. Overall, I give it two thumbs up.

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