Speed Baccarat E09 Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Speed Baccarat E09 Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Step into the enthralling world of Speed Baccarat E09 live dealer, a masterpiece from the house of the reputable SA Gaming. Transporting you straight into a luxury casino setup blurs the lines between virtual and reality. With the added charm of a live dealer guiding and interacting with you, it’s an online casino experience unlike any other, right on your digital screens. Ready to plunge into this captivating live dealer casino adventure? Let’s dive into the game!

How to Play Speed Baccarat E09 Live Dealer

In Speed Baccarat E09 live dealer online, the essence remains true to classic baccarat, so there’s no new rulebook to master. The table is elegantly designed, offering side bets without the unpredictable shuffles. Once the betting window closes, the dealer swiftly deals two face-up cards for both the banker and the player. Be on your toes, as time is of the essence when laying down your bets! If a third card is required, the dealer jumps right in, eliminating any wait time. After the cards are revealed, the dealer promptly declares the results. In the digital world of Speed Baccarat E09, outcomes boil down to three scenarios: the banker triumphs, it’s a tie, or the player emerges victorious. 

Expert Strategies for Casino Success

Speed Baccarat E09 Live Dealer RTP and Variance

When diving into payouts, the Speed Baccarat E09 live dealer game offers an impressive RTP of 98.94%, giving players a promising advantage. As for the game’s variance, it’s somewhat of a mystery. Given its nature as a card game, assigning a concrete variance becomes a challenge. Players can thus relish the game with the promise of substantial returns, while the element of surprise ensures each round remains exhilarating and new.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Players can choose from 11 chip denominations, starting with a modest chip of 1 and going up to a chip of 1,000. The “Limit” values for the Player and Banker stand out as a notable feature. These represent the permissible difference between the “Player” and “Banker” bet amounts. Essentially, a wager on the “Player” adjusts and boosts the limit for the “Banker”, and the opposite holds as well. Here’s a glance at the paytable:

Bet TypePayout 
Player pair11:1
Banker pair11:1
Lucky six12:1 (If Banker wins with 6 points and no third card is drawn.)20:1 (If Banker wins with 6 points and third card is drawn.)

Speed Baccarat E09 Live Dealer Bonus Features

Venturing into Speed Baccarat E09 live dealer, players are greeted with two intriguing bonus bet options, elevating the game’s thrill factor.

No Commission Baccarat: This version closely mirrors the classic Baccarat, but with a unique twist. When the Banker clinches a victory, there’s no commission taken, providing a 1:1 payout. An exception arises when the Banker wins with a tally of 6 points, causing the payout to adjust to a 1:2 ratio. Betting possibilities are vast, extending from the traditional Player, Banker, and Tie to more detailed options such as Player Pair, Banker Pair, Lucky Six, Player Natural, and Banker Natural.

Cow Cow Baccarat: While this variant simplifies the gameplay, it doesn’t skimp on excitement. Players have three clear betting options: Player, Banker, or Tie. However, an intriguing stipulation exists: to place a bet, a player’s “balance” needs to be a minimum of 9 times the “bet amount”. This element accentuates the game’s elevated risk-reward dynamics, prompting players to approach with strategy and caution.

Symbols and Gameplay

Cards hold point values as such: Ace = 1, numbers 2-9 at face value, while 10, J, Q, and K equal 0. The hand’s score is the rightmost digit of the card totals. For instance, a card combination of 8 and 7 totals 15, making the score 5. Scores are always between 0 and 9, with suits disregarded. The winning hand has the score closest to 9. Betting on the winning Player or Banker yields a 1:1 payout, with a 5% commission on a Banker win. Bets on a Tie result in an 8:1 payoff if there’s a tie, but if the result leans towards Player or Banker, the bet is lost. When either hand scores an 8 or 9 with the initial two cards, it’s a “natural” and ends the game. Identical first two cards are labeled a “Pair.”


Speed Baccarat E09 provides an exhilarating twist on the traditional Baccarat, one of the timeless casino games. With its accelerated gameplay, players are consistently engaged, ensuring each round is a heart-racing affair. Whether you’re a Baccarat veteran or new to card games, this turbocharged version delivers an unmatched and thrilling casino adventure. 

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Speed Baccarat E09 live dealer FAQs

Why is it called “Speed” Baccarat?

It’s called “Speed” Baccarat because it offers expedited bet times, which speed up the gameplay compared to traditional Baccarat.

What other bet types are available in Speed Baccarat E09?

Aside from the standard bets, players can explore two distinct bet types: No Commission Baccarat and Cow Cow Baccarat.

What is the RTP of Speed Baccarat E09?

The game boasts a competitive RTP of 98.94%, providing players with a promising edge.

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