The Blackjack 5 Card Rule: Truths and Nuances

The Blackjack 5 Card Rule: Truths and Nuances

The game of blackjack is simple and easy to learn. It is one of the most popular table games with several variations to keep players engaged. Each variant has its peculiarities, and that is where we find the blackjack 5 card rule. 

Also called the 5-card Charlie rule, the blackjack 5 card rule comes with its truths and nuances. In today’s casino news, we will learn all there is to know about this rule.

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How the Blackjack 5 Card Rule Makes Blackjack More Entertaining

The gameplay of blackjack is simple. You’re dealt two cards, and whoever is the closest to 21 or even has 21 wins. However, sometimes your two cards are far lower than 21. In this instance, you “hit” or ask for one more card until you reach 21 or to get closer to 21. However, there are instances where you still don’t have a 21 after getting five cards. This is where the 5 card rule comes in. 

The blackjack 5-card rule states that once you get five cards without going burst, you automatically win the game; so far, the dealer doesn’t have a 21. It is like the Faceup Pai Gow poker way of making five cards, just with different rules. Note that you cannot apply this rule in all blackjack games. It only is available to some blackjack variations. 

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Why the Blackjack 5-card Rule is Not Always Applicable

The truth is, casinos were created to make a profit, so they always put up games that benefit them more. Once this incentive is gone, casinos will go bankrupt, depriving players of enjoying their favorite games. As a result, casinos rely on a consistent advantage for themselves, known as the house edge, to stay in business. 

Standardizing the blackjack 5-card rule would further reduce the house’s chance of winning. All players, including newcomers, should know the house edge before betting, and this is part of learning all casino games. Blackjack’s house edge is typically around 4%, but the 5-Card Charlie rule can lower it to under 1.46%. Although it looks small, this simple advantage deprivation of the house could make the casino lose far more than usual. 

Benefits of the blackjack 5-card rule 

  • The first benefit of the rule is that it gives you a different way to win the blackjack game. The dealer’s count can be higher than yours, and it still won’t affect anything under this rule. or doesn’t collapse. If you have five identical cards in a row, you win.
  • You should know by now that any chance to gain an edge in any casino game is worth it. This rule comes with a better RTP, which is good for you. Since this rule slightly tilts the house edge in your favor, you have a better chance of making away with more frequent wins.
  • As a result of you having a different way to win the game, this rule will be another tool in your arsenal with the other blackjack strategies you’ve picked up. It is promising if you utilize it cautiously and in conjunction with the flawless blackjack methods you can learn at Slots Paradise.


  • The only drawback to this rule is that it could be time-consuming in a blackjack game. Imagine if every player lines up to try and get the 5-card rule activated. As a result, you are more likely to make bad decisions and lose a game you could have already won with basic strategy. 


The blackjack 5-card rule is a top-tier rule in blackjack games. Although it is generally not standard practice in blackjack games, it’s good to know you have that option in some variants. However, note that some casinos that feature this rule in their blackjack game are not in favor of you. Just like learning how to count cards in poker, try to learn a little of the blackjack 5-card rule strategy before trying it out. Keep an eye out for this incredible rule when playing at any blackjack table online.

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