Types of Online Blackjack Players

Types of Online Blackjack Players

In the Blackjack online casino gambling world, there are different types of players. And in today’s casino news, we’ll look at the Types of Online Blackjack players you will likely encounter as you play the game with others. Also, you’ll be able to decide which category of players you fall into. 

Types of Online Blackjack Players | Basic Concept First

Casino blackjack is a popular card game played in casinos around the world. The objective of the game is to have a hand value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over, while also having a higher hand value than the dealer.

To play the game, players place their bets and receive two cards. The dealer also receives two cards, with one card face up and the other face down. Players can then choose to hit (take another card), stand (keep their current hand), double down (double their bet and receive one more card), or split (if they have two cards of the same value, they can split them into two separate hands).

Let’s check out the blackjack player types.

Opportunist/Experienced Blackjack Players

We’ll love to refer to these Types of Online Blackjack players as intelligent players. They always ensure they have an advantage in every game session and are the type of Blackjack player who wins in most situations.

Due to a lot of practice and playing games, they perfectly understand techniques such as shuffle tracking, card counting, hole card, etc., which they can use to their advantage. As much as we can call them opportunists, knowing they are professional players is essential. Learning techniques is one thing while understanding how to apply them perfectly is another.

Therefore, to become an opportunist player requires a lot of practice to uncover how to apply strategies and techniques to advantage oneself during a game round.

Types of Online Blackjack: The Strategist

Regardless of the type of Blackjack, each variant has strategy chart players can use to create the best hand they can in the game. This kind of player has an apt understanding and knowledge of every strategy you can find on the strategy chart. A good strategist knows how to combine rules and strategy to favor their return to player percentage, reducing the house edge against them.

They know how to play optimally and are great at making clever card combinations with a high winning probability. And a pretty interesting fact is that the strategist constitutes a high percentage of this type of Blackjack players. The high rate is possible because, with a strategy chart, players can make wise gambling decisions at the casino table. 

Suppose you’re not an opportunist player and want to learn how to win online Blackjack. In that case, take time and understand the rules and strategy chart for the type of Blackjack you intend to play.

Types of Online Blackjack: The Ignorant Player

According to the dictionary, ignorance means a lack of knowledge, education, or intelligence. And this definition describes an ignorant player because most do not know the necessity of playing Blackjack. These are the kind of players that don’t know the vital differences between Double Exposure Blackjack and American Blackjack. 

They need more information about the Types of Online Blackjack, the variants with a low or high house edge, the blackjack strategy, and many others. But they are most eager to just get into the game. 

No one is expected to know it all as a Blackjack beginner, but as time goes on, whereby you spend time playing and practicing how to play the Blackjack game, more and more information will you come across and become less ignorant. So, instead of being the inexperienced player, become the strategist player.

The Emotional Player

This category constitutes the types of  Blackjack players who make irrational and poor gambling decisions. Many of these gambling moves are made emotionally or by a fact that can’t be proved mathematically or strategically.

A fast way to know if you belong to this category of Blackjack players is when you make decisions that drain your bankroll. And the wise thing to do is learn from these mistakes instead of playing blindly. These players will keep losing until they know how to make strategically and mathematically intelligent decisions. It is also common for them to post online casino game reviews with negative comments toward the game or the provider, since they cannot see their emotions tampering their judgment.

The Smart Newbies

This type of blackjack players are novices, but they play smartly. They are good observers and good researchers. Before playing blackjack online, they watch many videos, read casino guides, and wager with little and increase their wagers progressively as they continue to play. 


You might have been in a category of players you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy blackjack. The three best Types of Online Blackjack players: opportunists, strategists, and smart newbies are good options for you to change. Although they remain the best groups to join, you’ll have to put in the work. And if you do the work over time, you’ll have transitioned to a better type of Blackjack player.

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