Rolling Regrets: Mishaps at the Craps Table

Rolling Regrets: Mishaps at the Craps Table

Craps is one of the top casino games for two reasons. First, because of the wide range of wagers you can place, and partly because it has a long and solid history. It’s one of the few table games unifying young and older men at the craps table. 

We all make mistakes in life, as well as at the craps table. These are often the reason we win or lose a game round. Not making them in the first place is the best way to go. This casino news informs you of mistakes you shouldn’t make at the craps table.

Learning the Hard Way: Navigating Craps Table Missteps

Players make mistakes at the craps table for a variety of reasons. Contrary to the online casino, the atmosphere of a casino is often intense, with loud noises, flashing lights, and the palpable excitement of gamblers around. This environment can easily overwhelm and distract players, especially those new to the game.

Craps, in particular, has a set of intricate rules and a vast array of betting options, which can be challenging to grasp fully. Many beginners tend to jump into the game without a solid understanding of the strategies, relying purely on luck. Additionally, the fast-paced nature of craps can lead players to make hasty decisions without considering the consequences. 

Whether You’re playing standard Craps or Street Craps, avoid the following mistakes to sustain fun gaming at the craps table.

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Placing Too Many Bets at the Craps Table

No doubt, Craps offers a wide variety of tempting betting options. Seeing this, you might be tempted to take them, hoping to cash out big. But it is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Don’t take too many bets in Craps. Just because a wager can be placed does not imply you should. 

Most of the bets on a craps table have poor wagering options. However, casinos make them look good, counting on players to place them. In general, line bets and place betting should be the primary focus of the rookie craps player. Feel free to try out different bets as you gain game experience. However, don’t take them all at once and all the time.

Never Place Bets Without Money Management

On a craps table, the result of every game is determined by a dice. It differs from Rummy 500 and its Rummy 500 rules, where cards determine the game’s result and you can plan your gaming strategy. It’s no use worrying about how to make the correct dice numbers as there’s nothing much you can do to influence it. However, you should rather pay attention to things you have control over, which is money management.

Without money management, you could quickly lose all your money and even lose all your profits. You should study the many different strategies and pick the one that best suits you. The general strategy is to increase bets during winning streaks and decrease them during losing streaks. This way, you can play for longer and win for longer.

Never Bet With the Craps Table Trend

Although numerous table games work best with trending bets, Craps isn’t one of them. For a fact, trends do happen in Craps. Here, trends mean that a particular pattern keeps recurring over and over again. And while many players pick up on the trend on the craps table for their strategy, it mostly ends up going sideways. 

While it’s true that all gambling casino games are based on probability, it’s impossible to predict the timing, nature, or longevity of any given trend. It’s better to stay off it, as nobody can predict the next big thing.

Never Stick to Betting Only With the Shooter

When Craps in a physical setting, it’s only natural to root for the shooter. Seeing a heated roll in motion could be so appealing that you always want to bet on it. This is also the case with online craps. You will always be the shooter. 

Betting on oneself is an appealing option. However, try to control these impulses. The shooter will inevitably lose it at one point or the other. There is always an inherent disadvantage for the shooter. So, while the shooter could land some big wins, switch sides occasionally.

Never Mention the Number 7

The number seven is considered a great and lucky number in several cultures. However, with the game of Craps, it’s more or less ”forbidden.” Some gamblers think that saying “seven” out loud at a Craps table brings ill luck, curses the whole table, and increases the likelihood of a “seven out.” While this is purely superstitious, it’s almost an accepted part of the game for new and old players. Therefore, don’t say it; you might get some heat for it.

The value of the number 7 is unique in Craps. A 7 can be rolled six different ways out of two dice, and while it’s neither great nor terrible, it is the most common result. However, a seven can also end a player’s turn, causing widespread dismay at the Craps table. 


You can enjoy laying at a Craps table without rolling a dice or calling the shots. Just place bets. While this is not obtainable in games like Hi Lo Game, making mistakes, even with this strategy, might prove fatal.

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