Cracking the Code: Deciphering the Significance of RTP Meaning

Cracking the Code: Deciphering the Significance of RTP Meaning

Though the proper objective of gaming online should be to have fun, we cannot but recognize that most players play casino games to earn money on the bets they place. Therefore, casinos must put in place measures that ensure fair payouts. The factor that ensures players are fairly paid in online gaming is RTP. However, the RTP meaning is often not cared about by many players. And it should not be so. 

Why do you need to know the RTP meaning, and how do you calculate it? The answers to these questions and many more about the RTP will be attended to in this casino news. Let’s dive in!

RTP Meaning Simplified: How Gaming Payments Work

Return to Player is the average percentage paid back to a player for every dollar wagered on casino games. RTP works oppositely to house edge. Here is an example for you to understand the RTP meaning better. 

Taking a casino paradise slots with an RTP of 97%, players can expect an average of $97 in return on every $100 stake placed. The $3 that is left belongs to the casino as profit. 

From the example above, we can simply say RTP is a theoretical figure of the percentage of bets a casino game will pay a player as profit. 

However, it is essential to note that the RTP percentage is not based on just one game round. It is based on thousands and millions of rounds or spins if we talk about online slots. Therefore, players shouldn’t be disappointed when they are not paid $97 on every $100 bet.

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RTP Meaning: How to Calculate Return to Player Percentage?

After understanding the RTP’s meaning, most players wonder how to calculate it. It is a very straightforward process. To calculate the RTP percentage, divide the total amount paid back by the casino by the total amount of money staked and multiply by 100%. It is mathematically expressed as:

RTP = Total amount paid out / Total amount staked x 100%.

To accurately calculate this, figures from the previous history of the game can’t be used. Instead, it is calculated over thousands of spins or rounds that are played within a short time. All of this is done by the computer algorithm programmed by computer experts. Legal sites often display the RTP of their games.

Factors That Can Affect RTP

Factors such as the bet amount and betting strategies significantly affect the RTP. When a player employs optimal strategy, the RTP percentage increases and the RTP percentage can be reduced with a player that plays carelessly. An example is a player who knows how to count cards in poker and another who doesn’t know how to. Therefore, playing optimally with strategies to increase the RTP in one’s favor is advised. 

The Relevance of Return to Player Percentage

As a player who now understands the RTP meaning, there is much relevance it gives players when playing a casino game. Some of the relevance of RTP are:

It helps calculate the chances of winning

The RTP plays an important role when playing casino games such as slots because the Player can immediately calculate the chances of winning. Players know best to avoid such a game when the RTP is low and go for a better one with a higher RTP.

It helps choose the best games.

When searching for a casino game to play, correctly understanding RTP meaning helps plates make better decisions.


Several casino games, such as Blackjack, Poker, Faceup Pai Gow Poker, Craps, etc., all have different RTP percentages, and they differ depending on factors such as casino rules, betting strategies, betting amount, etc. Therefore, players can use these factors to make the RTP work in their favor.

As much as you try to make the RTP work in your favor and earn money, you should also have as much fun as possible. Casino games are a means of entertainment, so you should enjoy your game. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to enjoy games with High RTPs.

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