Understanding the Basics of Casino Affiliate Programs

Understanding the Basics of Casino Affiliate Programs

New iGaming sites are launched often. Most of these sites have their uniqueness and solid gaming concepts. However, finding their feet amidst existing brands and getting players is difficult. It is a very tight competition. So, how do new online brands or even already existing sites promote themselves effectively? It is mostly through casino affiliate programs. How open is the business of casino affiliates? Are there any risks involved? All of these and more will be addressed in today’s casino news.

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What is a Casino Affiliate?

An online casino affiliate is a go-between two entities —players and casinos, i.e., an intermediary. This program is where one earns a commission from bettors’ wagering activities on betting platforms. This be in the form of referral via the use of unique tracking IDs on their websites or any other form of marketing campaign adopted. The campaigns may include text links, banners, popup ads, and many more.

Affiliating to any online casino program comes at zero cost. However, a few vetting of one’s credibility in most cases is usually carried out in the course of one’s application. This includes a detailed marketing plan, demographic, precursory experience concerning a marketing campaign(s), online casino games, and several others.

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How to Spot a Casino Affiliate

Due to the strategy needed to entice players to visit a casino site, telling a real casino website from a casino affiliate might be tricky. However, some things make the difference between them.


Most affiliates often have a pictorial display of online casino real money games on their sites but not the actual games. Maximally, they provide demos paradise slots, or other games they offer, but attach to it a site link to play the game.  


Casino affiliates aim to get players to visit the casino site they are trying to promote. Therefore, you can often see promotions like “Use our sign up code” to get multiple free spins when you “Play now” This is a pure indication that the site you are on is a casino affiliate. 

Site Content

A casino affiliate often provides reviews about casino sites and then ranks these sites.  In addition, they could also provide an SEO-optimized American casino guide for users to learn things like how to count cards in poker and other popular game tips. They can attach promo codes to the content for you to play the games on their promoting sites.

Benefits of a Casino Affiliate

The benefit that comes with this is usually a mutualistic one. It benefits both the affiliate site and the casino website. Affiliates make money through the traffic they drive to the casino site they are promoting. Conversely, the casino will get players to visit their site without stress, saving time. The time saved will be directed to perfecting their casino games and other necessary things. 

Payout Models 

Quite a few ways have been noted concerning how casino affiliates generate their funds. They include:

Cost Per Action (CPA)

The CPA is based entirely on being able to persuade individuals to visit the casino website per se. Affiliates later get paid once the system has recorded activities.

Cost Per Lead

Affiliates get paid whenever users take a step further in tendering information by filling out a user’s form on affiliate websites.

Revenue Share

The revenue share is quite a two-sided coin. For instance, money leaves you when a user makes money and vice versa.


If you are considering starting a casino affiliate, invest in building a powerful website. Also, ensure you have the right license before taking affiliate gigs. For casino websites booking to use the services of a casino affiliate, it is advised to constantly deal with those that have long been in the business. Those who have been in the business prioritize relevant and good content, like online casino reviews, which have information a user may find on an affiliate website.

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