Cheers to a Night of Fun: Drinking Games Without Cards

Cheers to a Night of Fun: Drinking Games Without Cards

Drinking with friends and family is one of the most common social activities you can engage in. You get to enjoy a lot of catching up and bonding time. What could make it even more fun would be to included? Well, we think drinking games without cards is always a fun way to add laughs and challenges to your evening.

Interestingly, there are numerous drinking games without cards. These games create a gaming ambiance where laughter and fun manifest. This casino news will help you learn more about some drinking games you can play. 

5 Fun Drinking Games Without Cards

Many casino games require cards, and many do not. Some can be played in groups, and some are for playing alone. Many games can be incorporated into your social gatherings and include alcohol while playing. Drinking games are games in which a winner or loser, depending on the game type, will be asked to consume an alcoholic drink. So, in some settings, it is to reward a player, while in some, it is to punish for losing. Here are some drinking games without cards that you can still enjoy today. 

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Shot Roulette  

Shot Roulette is a thrilling and entertaining social game that can be enjoyed among friends and family. However, it requires some equipment: Shot glasses and a roulette spinning wheel with glasses holder. 

The shot glasses are then arranged in the circular holder on the roulette spinning wheel. Each glass contains different beverages, from low alcohol contents to high. Participants then spin the wheel to choose a shot glass or slot that matches a specific drink to drink. They take turns doing this till they get exhausted and sometimes drunk.

One common outcome of shot roulette is its entertaining gameplay amidst laughter and jesting. People can meet new friends, form stronger bonds, and make lasting moments together. 

To learn how to play other variants of roulette, follow our online casino guides.

Beer Pong 

Beer Pong is one of the oldest fun drinking games without cards, and it’s a competitive game. 10 cups are arranged to form a pyramid on a drink table. This is done in two pyramids opposite to one another. 

The cups are filled to the brim with beer, with two teams opposing each other. Each team has to successfully throw ping pong balls into the other team’s pyramid of beer cups. They must drink beer if the ball lands in the other team’s cup. The team that successfully eliminates the other team’s cups wins. Playing this game with family and friends is a surefire way to create lifetime memories. No underage member of your family or friends should play.

Flip Cup 

Flip Cup is another fun drinking game that doesn’t involve cards; you can play with friends and family. It’s a competitive drinking game that requires teamwork, speed, and a free spirit. Participants are divided into two teams, each with cups of beer filled to the brim. 

The goal in this game is to finish the beer in the cup, place the cup upside-down on the table, and flip it back up as quickly as possible. The next person then does the same thing until the last person. While they don’t follow any casino game rules, the first team to complete it wins. This game frequently results in laughter and enthusiasm as participants try to turn their cups effectively. 

21 (Not Blackjack)

If you’re looking for drinking games without cards that don’t require any equipment, then 21 is a great game to play. However, it requires being active and alert while trying to confuse other players into making mistakes. The game starts with players counting from 1 to 21. 

The person who mentions 21 will then drink and make a new rule with numbers. For example, they can say that you must dance when you get to the number 5. Participants then start by counting again from 1. If the person who gets to 5 says five instead of dance, the person has failed and has to drink. The game continues again until someone mentions 21, and a new rule is set. This witty game is as exciting as the Jacks or Better poker variant.

Straight Face

Playing Straight Face while drinking with friends is a fun way to test your composure. It’s one of the drinking games without cards that allows for so much joking and jesting around. In this game, players attempt to maintain a serious face while taking turns making outlandish or humorous jokes. The goal of this game is to make other people laugh while keeping a straight face. Anyone who starts laughing has to have something to drink. New rules can also be included to increase the fun, difficulty, and enjoyment. 


Although most family and friends gatherings are filled with eating, drinking, and making merry, incorporating drinking games can make things more entertaining, if done responsibly. 

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