Inside the World of Degenerate Gamblers: Exploring the Depths of Addiction

Inside the World of Degenerate Gamblers: Exploring the Depths of Addiction

Gaming operators in the United States and beyond most frequently repeat the phrase “Play Responsibly.” And not complying with that advice often has consequences, such as becoming a degenerate gambler. Some players keep on gambling even when it’s causing them big problems such as financial issues, strained relationships, and psychological distress, among others.

In this casino news, we’ll discuss who a degenerate gambler is, how to know if you’re one, and how to recover from it.

A Risky Affair: Scouting the Mindset of a Degenerate Gambler

A degenerate gambler is someone who doesn’t have control over his gambling habits. The term is sometimes regarded as compulsive behavior. To this kind of player, gambling on casino games, table games, and chance games, among others, is not about having fun anymore; it becomes an activity they can’t seem to stop engaging in. 

Some studies have shown that more than half of people with gambling addictions have committed crimes to sponsor their habits of betting on various games, including European roulette and other popular table games. There’s often the belief that they can recover lost money,  so they continue to bet even further and end up losing even more.

In a podcast called “Framgångspodden,” there’s a story about a guy who used to have a great life but ended up a degenerate gambler, defrauding his friends to fuel his gambling addiction. The term is sometimes regarded as a gambler’s illness and needs to be treated once noticed.

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Walking the Dark Path of a Degenerate Gambler: Signs to Note

Note the following signs to know if you are on the degenerate gambler’s path. 

Loss of Control

Loss of control is a primary sign of a degenerate gambler. First, you see yourself unable to resist the continuous urge to slow down in your gambling habits. For example, suppose you have many other essential things to do. Still, you choose to play games at a mobile gaming casino or a live casino and stay for hours, unable to walk away, even after losing more money than intended. In that case, it is a clear indicator of a degenerate gambler. 

Preoccupation With Gambling

When a player constantly thinks about gambling, plans his next bet, or reminisces about past wins or losses, it can indicate a problem. Instead of focusing on work or spending time with family, they spend most of their day thinking about live or casino online gambling strategies or replaying past gambling experiences in their mind. This obsessive focus on gambling activities is a sign of a potential degenerate gambler.

Chasing Losses

Chasing losses refers to recovering money lost through gambling by placing additional bets. For example, someone who loses $100 at the blackjack table may continue betting and even increase stakes to win back the lost money. Most of the time, in an attempt to recoup the losses, they lose more money. This behavior can lead to a series of financial problems and is a characteristic sign of compulsive gambling. 

Increased Appetite for Gambling 

This is a negative sign when a player suddenly needs to indulge in higher stakes or more frequent betting to feel excited or satisfied. For example, a person who used to gamble once a week but now gambles multiple times a day to achieve the same excitement they once experienced with less frequent betting. You show signs of a degenerate gambler if you find yourself in such situations. 

Lying About Gambling and Financial Problems

A degenerate gambler is often deceptive about engaging in gambling activities. For instance, someone might lie to their spouse about the money they’ve lost at a virtual roulette wheel or hide the frequency of their betting. Also, when you start facing financial troubles such as borrowing money, taking out loans, and depleting your savings to gamble, you’re clearly on the path of a degenerate gambler. 

Stop! Don’t Become a Degenerate Gambler

Stopping a gambling problem isn’t easy, but with the right approach, it’s possible. Here are some of our casino tips for beginners to help prevent being a degenerate gambler:

Admit the Problem if You May Be a Degenerate Gambler

First, admit that gambling has become a problem. Facing it is the first step to improving your situation.

Seek Support

Surround yourself with people who care about you. Friendly anonymous gaming groups can be a place to talk about your experience and get help.

Identify Triggers

Figure out what makes you want to gamble. Knowing your triggers helps you find ways to deal with them.

Create Barriers

Make it more challenging to gamble. Online casinos have self-exclusion programs that can help you. Also, you could block gambling websites on your browser, stay away from casinos, or ask someone you trust to handle your money.

Stay Committed: Degenerate Gambler Can Turn the Page Over

Recovery takes time. Stay focused on getting better, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.


Do not judge yourself based on what you have read. You are not alone. Many celebrities and popular people are degenerate gamblers. We know it may be difficult to pinpoint that your gambling habit has become degenerate. Therefore, it is crucial that once you notice any of the signs we highlighted above, you seek help. Contact our customer support team at Slots Paradise Casino for assistance.

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