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Online casino gaming is fun. However, if you’d like to heighten the fun and earn a good sum of money while at it, consider alternatives that integrate mind-blowing jackpots. While it’s good to know which is the most paid out online casino, you may want to consider that jackpot wins do not happen regularly.

Over the years, players have scored 7-figure wins on slots, table games, and video poker titles. Although winners abound at online casinos, only a few made winning combinations worthy of “Hall of Fame” status. These individuals cemented their place as the biggest jackpot winners of all time.  

In this casino news, we’ll look at the most paid out online casino jackpot games.

Most Paid Out Online Casino Wins: 5 Instances That Shook the iGaming World

Jackpot slots are popular for their potential to offer substantial winnings and create a sense of excitement and anticipation among players. They are a common feature in both online and land-based casinos and provide one of the best online gambling experiences for many, particularly the winners.

For listed examples, we’ll highlight monetary values in “$.” Note that these values are subject to changes due to inflation and other economic determinants.

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#1 Mega Fortune ($24 Million Jackpot Payout)

Sitting comfortably at the top spot for the most paid out online casino jackpots is Mega Fortune. In 2013, this jackpot slot issued a $24 million payout to a Finnish man. Just like other players, he was having an exciting time at a Scandinavian iGaming platform. 

For anonymity purposes, the winner’s name wasn’t released to the press. Nonetheless, we’re certain that he was able to effect this mind-boggling win with a $0.25 wager. Investments don’t get any better than this!

Thankfully, this win had video evidence. This footage portrayed the player going through the three Mega Jackpot rounds to score a win worth €17.8 million ($24 million). The best part? Due to the game’s inner workings, he was billed to score an astronomic win regardless of his wager.

No wonder why most players engage in progressive jackpot titles at their preferred gambling destinations.

#2 Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah ($23.6 Million Jackpot Payout)

If you’d like to see a recent jackpot win to spur your wagering adventure, note that Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah issued one in 2021 — in the heat of the pandemic. 

The player who scored this jackpot was based in Belgium. And just like any regular game, they visited their preferred online casino and launched this scintillating and upbeat slot. After a few tries, the fan won a mind-blowing $23.6 million jackpot.

Although this win would’ve ranked “primus inter pares” as the player won in Euros (€19.4 million), exchange rates then saw it cut in behind Mega Fortune.

#3 Mega Moolah ($23.5 Million Jackpot Payout)

One thing you might notice about these online casino jackpot casino games is the margins involved — very minimal. In 2018, a player (who probably had a lucky charm in their pockets) won €18.9 million (valued at $23.5 million at the time) after a spin on the progressive jackpot title — Mega Moolah.

Several reports discovered that this win was affected on the Microgaming-powered title in less than 50 spins. This unprecedented scenario earned it a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Just like the other jackpots we’ve examined, the winner’s identity remains grey-zoned. Well, this is no surprise as most people keep information like this under wraps for security reasons. 

#4 Mega Moolah ($17.2 Million Jackpot Payout)

When a game appears twice on a list of the most paid out online casino jackpots, you know it denotes rewards from start to finish. Thankfully, the identity of this jackpot winner isn’t tagged “unknown.” Jonathon Heywood, part of the British army, won Mega Moolah’s £13.2 million jackpot ($17.2 million) back in 2015.

Reminiscent of the other jackpot-winning wagers we’ve featured, this wasn’t any different. This military personnel won this huge jackpot with a $0.25 spin. Albeit lucky, it’s safe to say that his persistence paid off after numerous trials.

What made Jonathon’s win a tad special was the fact that Microgaming Chief Executive Officer, Roger Raatgever, sent him a personalized congratulatory message. To make things interesting (and slightly emotional), Heywood promised to use the jackpot to treat his sick dad. 

#5 Mega Moolah ($16.7 Million Jackpot Payout)

Quick caveat emptor: this post wasn’t sponsored by Microgaming. We just had to state this as Mega Moolah makes another astronomic jackpot entry. Microgaming might just rank as iGaming’s Santa in the coming years.

In 2021, despite the pandemic raving on, one player had cause to celebrate as they won a jackpot worth €14.2 million (worth $16.7 million at the time). Although featured as fifth on our listing, this win broke records at Lucky Casino as one of the most paid out online casino jackpots EVER! 


Online casinos grant patrons a solid chance of scoring wins. Not just decent values, but those that’ll grant you a “Millionaire” status. However, to get these rewards, you’d need to engage titles that denote high jackpot winning odds (e.g., Mega Moolah and its variations).

Despite the value of a jackpot, don’t go overboard with your gambling aspirations. As you play online slots at Slots Paradise Casino that denote astronomic jackpots, endeavor to wager responsibly. Learn to play the games so you can play responsibly and make good decisions, read our online casino guides to learn all the secrets of your favorite games.

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