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Phil Hellmuth: WSOP 17th Bracelet Win

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Winning a WSOP Bracelet is a big deal for any professional poker player trying to make a mark in the iGaming industry. While some have gone on to win their first, others have had attempts, with some having over 7-8. Then there is Phil Hellmuth, who just won his 17th. If he says he is the best all-around tournament player in the world, we should listen to what he says. 

This casino news looks at the life of one of the oldest WSOP bracelet winners, Phil Hellmuth, and his achievements over the years as a poker player.

Phil Hellmuth and His WSOP Bracelet History

Poker remains one of the top casino games as far as card games go. And in a recent interview, Phil stated, “I am the best all-around tournament player in the world right now”. Phil Hellmuth is 59 years old and recently won his 17th bracelet at this summer’s 54th annual World Series of Poker. 

Phil snagged his first WSOP in the 1980s and has been winning ever since. Phil may be currently the best tournament player ever. Although he is older than many players who play Wild Texas Poker games and many more variations, his glory days are far from over. Phil is in third position in earnings ($17.9 million) and cash (202) at the WSOP. The Wisconsin native still holds the unassailable lead in bracelets (17). If we are to remove internet payments, he becomes the frontrunner.

He won the Las Vegas (1989) and European (2012) World Series of Poker main events. Hellmuth is the only player to win a bracelet every decade from the 1980s to the 2010s and in the three original WSOP locations (Binion’s, Rio, and the Las Vegas Strip). Josh Arieh is the only player to do so in the 2010s.

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Recent Winnings

Even without his victories, he still has a strong record in the summer series, as he has placed second 14 times and third four times. So far, he has made it to 61 final tables. The second half of his career has been far more fruitful than the first. 

He won $803,818 in the summer’s $10,000 super turbo bounty event and was close to making three more final tables. He cashed 13 times this summer. He finished second in the $3,000 no-limit tournament from the previous year. This year, he has twice reached the final table. In 2021, he broke the record for most summer final tables with seven.

Just in the last 20 years, during the poker games boom, Hellmuth has won a bracelet every other year on average, averaging 8.5 cashes and just under two final tables per summer. There is no one else today who even comes close.

After the series, during an interview to chat about his 17th bracelet, the current boom in poker, and earning the respect of his peers. Phil shared his positive outlook on poker. It’s incredible. He claims that poker’s current popularity exceeds that at any time in the game’s history. 

After the epidemic, he said numerous “retired” players and young people aged 18 to 24 returned to the sport. These former pros are better today than they were when they retired and are rediscovering their passion for the game. This is especially true now that numerous poker variations exist, like the Mississippi Stud poker.

Poker Gameplay

When asked about his poker gameplay, Phil Hellmuth said his ability to read the game is what he calls “white magic. He claims that’s why he keeps winning. “If I have a good read, I can fold powerful hands or call with poor ones. Knowing when to shift gears and where to do it is important. When the situation calls for it, I can play quickly.” Reading skills are some of a poker player’s most essential skills to win poker casino games. You must read the game well, even with the best Texas Holdem hands.

Phil boasted that he never gets anxious before a game. However, he can become anxious when he’s exhausted and losing pots. 

The $10,000 turbo event he won was an actual marathon that lasted till the wee hours of the morning. Phil expressed his desire for a halt to the game. He had prepared himself that the tournament would only last a single day. Amidst all poker flush hands and gameplays, he eliminated Ivey from the top five spots. Phil was also grateful that there were no boo-birds in the audience. 

Phil Hellmuth Outside Poker Games

In a professional capacity, Phil Hellmuth has served as an “advisor” for nearly twenty different businesses. Je mostly asks for a 2-3% stake in those businesses and even puts in his own money. He also boasts of improving each of those businesses by more than my original 2%-3% (with some notable exceptions).


Towards the end of the interview, Phil spoke about how it feels good to be appreciated. Poker players put so much effort into getting good at the game. And one of the ways they do this is by practicing at an online casino. We recommend you play at Slots Paradise where you can check out various poker demos. 

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