From Saloons to Online Tables: The Invention of Poker

From Saloons to Online Tables: The Invention of Poker

Amidst the numerous card games available today, poker still reigns supreme. The game’s influence cuts across various boards, including music, movies, game shows, etc. It has turned many players into millionaires, bringing them to stardom they have never imagined. But, when was poker invented? Who introduced the game? How did it move from being a pastime game to becoming one of the pillars of casino gaming? These questions are our focus in today’s casino news. Grab a seat as we take steps backward to find out the origin of poker. 

When Was Poker Invented: Shuffling Through History

The exact date and year poker was established or introduced has yet to be discovered. Therefore, to find out the answer to the question— when was Poker invented? It is necessary to go through some ancient paths. These paths featured some casino games believed to have laid the foundation of today’s poker games.

In the 16th century, a Persian card game used a deck of cards, specifically a 25-card deck, with gaming goals similar to modern poker. The game called “As Nas” required players to bet on hand combinations and use tactics, such as bluffing, to win a session.  

The second game directly preceding poker is the “Poque” game. The French introduced the game in the 17th century, and it used the 52-card we have today, French colonists played a significant role in establishing modern Poker by bringing Poque to North America. Its German counterpart was called “Pochen.” 

Shuffle Up and Deal: Enter the World of Poker Prestige!

When Was Poker Invented: History of Poker In America 

In the 19th century, Northern America, specifically New Orleans, became the hot ground for playing Poque. English speakers in the region westernized Poque to Poker. But, they left the card deck unchanged. With time, the game’s rules transformed until a standard was set. New Orleans saloons were popular places to play poker before they spread to the Mississippi River via sailors who carried goods away from the Orleans port. The sailors probably introduced poker chips, according to some records.

During the American Civil War, poker’s popularity spread even further. Soldiers from the northern and southern parts of America played the game, and after the war ended, they introduced it to their communities. From there, it spread even further. The U.S. Minister to Great Britain in 1871 introduced the game to Members of Queen Victoria’s court in Europe. 

Introduction of New Variants and Online Poker 

After the Civil War, poker experienced different changes. A variant called “Stud Poker” rose in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Later on, flush and draw variants became popular. “Flush” is about having a hand that contains five cards of identical suits, while “Draw” is about completing hands but releasing cards. By 1985, other variants like Pai Gow Poker were introduced in the United States poker gambling scene. 

Online poker began around the late 90s and early 2000s. It was around the era when the internet was booming after its introduction in 1983. Different online platforms emerged, allowing people to play poker without leaving their homes, leading to multiple ways of playing and learning, including online casino guides

Online poker increased the number of poker enthusiasts worldwide after Chris Moneymaker won a life-changing sum of $ 2.5 million at the WSOP event. People began to search for a way to learn how to play Pai Gow Poker and other notable games like Texas Hold ’em. 

A Game That Transformed From Pastime to Passion

A couple of advanced poker techniques used by top players and tools like the “Poker Solver” are now available in the gambling setting. These tools and techniques significantly help players win more and further understand poker. So, as new players continue to sound up and as technology advances, new poker variants like Super Video Poker will also spring up to keep things fresh.

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