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NG Slot: The Undisputed King of Casino Streaming

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Narek Gharibyan, also known as “NG Slot”, is one of the internet’s most popular casino video bloggers. Most of his videos on YouTube have tens of thousands of views, and he has built a large following for his entertaining and informative content. This casino news will explore NG Slot’s career, his biggest wins, and some controversies surrounding his videos. We’ll also take a look at his future plans and goals. 

NG Slot: The Undisputed King of Casino Streaming

Narek Gharibyan was born in 1987 in Armenia. He moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, in 2015, where he toured several casinos to play Slot machines. He opened his online casino stream channel on YouTube in February 2017. His videos cover various topics, including slots like the Golden Dragon Inferno game, table games, and casino strategy. As a result, he has gained a large following for his entertaining and informative videos. 

NG Slot’s rise to fame is a fascinating story that started with a single video. He primarily plays the best slots online but occasionally plays table games like blackjack and poker. He focuses on high-stakes games and often plays for large amounts of money. 

On February 20th, 2017, he uploaded his first casino streaming video, Buffalo Grand Slot, on YouTube. Though not a success, his first video was a turning point in his life. NG Slot didn’t give up but continued to upload videos until his following started growing slowly but steadily. 

In February 2020, he received the YouTube Silver Play Button award when he reached 100,000 subscribers. Over time, his subscriber count skyrocketed, and he became one of the most popular casino streamers on the internet, with over 502,000 subscribers and millions of views on YouTube.

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Biggest Jackpots Wins

NG Slot has been lucky enough to hit some impressive jackpots. His biggest win was in one particularly memorable instance on May 5, 2020. He won a whopping $44,668 on a Black Diamond Slot Machine. He also hit a massive win of $21,280 on Dragon Cash and a Jackpot of $20,158 in the Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes Slot in 2019.

In another instance, he won a $9,140 jackpot in the Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda Slot and a $4,100 jackpot in the Golden Century Slot Game. 

These are just a few of the many big wins that have made NG Slot a popular and respected figure in the world of casino streaming.

NG Slot Net Worth

Like most casino video bloggers, he keeps his net worth private. However, an estimate was made on the likely total revenue from his YouTube channel, which has 473 million views. The channel was found to be worth about $4.2 million, barring all expenses. However, NG Slot is worth about $1.5 million minus all expenses. In addition to his income from YouTube, he has invested in various businesses, including jewelry shops. He also earns from ad revenue, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and other undisclosed sources.

NG Slot’s Impact on the Casino Industry

NG Slot has had a significant impact on the casino industry. His videos have introduced millions of people to the world of online gambling, and he has been a vocal advocate for responsible gaming. In addition, he has worked with casinos to create exclusive content for his viewers and helped promote new games like the Crystal Miners Slot and table games like the infamous dice game of Sic Bo.

NG Slot has also helped shape how people view and engage with online gambling by sharing his losses and profits on his channel without bias. Beyond the online world, he has been a consultant for casinos, helping them improve their marketing and player experience. People refer to him when seeking an online casino guide when they want to learn about their favorite slots and end up more than satisfied with their results.

The Future of a Casino Video Blogger

NG Slot has big plans for the future. He is working on expanding his brand beyond just YouTube, and he is exploring new platforms and channels. In addition, he is working on creating new content that goes beyond just casino streaming. He is also looking to expand his presence in the land-based casino world.

It is interesting to see how some individuals have arranged the power of social media to establish themselves in the competitive gambling space. NG Slot has proven himself a master marketing strategist and a gambling pro.

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