Ready Your Best Keno Strategy… Let’s Play and Win!

Ready Your Best Keno Strategy… Let’s Play and Win!

Keno is primarily a game of luck. As a result, players often ponder on how to win Keno since it’s a game of chance. Knowing a handful of the strategies or even having your own favorite keno strategy might turn the tables significantly.

We discuss some of them in today’s casino news to help you increase your chances of winning at Keno. But first, let’s review some popular questions like, “how does keno work” Let’s briefly discuss this before we learn about some strategies to win at Keno games.

Keno Strategy: Learning to Play Keno

Keno has a similar playing style to Lottery. And learning how to play keno is easy. You must choose a maximum of 20 numbers from a pool of 80 consecutive numbers. The casino draws random numbers after all players choose their preferred ones. If any of your selected numbers coincide with the numbers drawn by the casino, you win. The more winning Keno numbers you have, your earnings increase! It is necessary, though, to adopt a Keno strategy to increase your odds at one of the most popular online casino games.

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Strategies and Tips To Win at Online Keno

Keno is a game of luck. There is no “best” strategy you can employ, but make sure to make the most of every round. Below are some Keno strategies you can apply when playing online:

Keno Strategy: Learning and Knowing the Odds is Basic

Odds are the probability or chances of winning or losing a game. The fact that Keno doesn’t offer great odds shouldn’t mean you should neglect it. Understanding the odds in Keno helps you know if there’s a chance of winning a bet or no chance at all.

For example, in any version of the Keno game, the higher the amount of numbers you guess, the better your winnings. The odds table for Keno shows a one-in-four chance when five numbers are selected in a 20-spot Keno version. With this information, you know how much you can be paid depending on the numbers you get, and you choose the best game that pays well. Always check out the odds table for a Keno game before playing.

Choose the Best Payout Games

It’s amazing that many players still fail to take advantage of this Keno strategy despite it being an obvious gambling option. Since you know the odds for playing Keno, the next thing to do is play at an online casino with a great payout.

You can do this by checking the several keno variants on your favorite online casino or any other casino and checking out their payouts for the numbers you guess correctly. Keno 3, Keno POP, or the Keno Orbital Gaming version are some online casino Keno games with great payouts.

Learn Key Keno Terminologies as Part of Your Keno Strategy

All casino games have terminologies peculiar to them. Keno has simple terms compared to other casino games like Poker or Sic Bo, and they are easy to learn.

Learning and understanding the terms used in Keno makes you more familiar with the game. And a constant use of these terminologies makes you more experienced over time.

Keno Strategy: Choose Between Four to Eight Numbers

Gambling experts believe that one of the best ways to play Keno is by selecting between four to eight numbers by gambling experts because it provides this range gives the best odds with the best payouts.

It is considered an optimal way for playing Keno, and that range balances the odds and payouts. Anything above or lower than that may affect your chances of winning.

Choose Either Hot or Cold Numbers

Another Keno strategy players can employ is choosing and sticking to hot or cold numbers. Hot numbers are numbers the casino frequently draws between five to ten Keno rounds. Since there is a pattern of these numbers repeating themselves, they are regarded as hot and will likely come again.

As for cold numbers, the reverse is the case. Cold numbers are numbers the casino has yet to draw in more than 10 Keno rounds. These numbers will eventually be drawn, and you can bet on them before they finally appear.


It is necessary to know that the Keno strategies above do not guarantee a straight win every time you play Keno. A clear understanding of this will keep you from being disappointed whenever you don’t win a round of Keno, and you can learn this and many other ways to enjoy the game by reading our American Casino Guides section. To enjoy keno games online, visit Slots Paradise Casino.

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