Keno by Orbital Gaming

Keno by Orbital Gaming

You may have heard Keno being compared to bingo in the past. And while yes, there are similarities, the gameplay mechanics are quite different. As for the Keno Orbital Gaming title, it is far more diverse than other Keno variations, as discussed in our growing range of casino guides.

This diversity comes from a couple of things. Firstly, you can pick from three game modes. These include Sonic, Keno 40, and Keno 80. Secondly, the top payout is fixed at 1,000x for the different games, which is very appealing. 

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How to Play the Keno Orbital Gaming Lottery Game Online

As mentioned earlier, this version of the Keno Orbital Gaming Lottery game has 3 game modes. These include Keno 80, Keno 40, and Sonic Keno. When you load up the game, this is the first thing you must choose. Once you’ve done that and entered your chosen game, you can start to pick your numbers.

In Keno, you can pick 1-10 numbers from the board. The more you match, the better the multiplier, although the more numbers picked, the more you need to guess correctly for a win. That’s precisely why the payouts adjust accordingly. 

More information on how to play Keno Orbital Gaming Lottery can be found via the “?” icon.

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Keno from Orbital Gaming RTP and Variance

The standard RTP, no matter which game mode you select, is 99.00%. This is very enticing as it means you can bag plenty of wins, although there is no specified variance. Finally, we should clarify that the range of numbers picked has an impact on the expected returns.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Like many other instant-win releases from Orbital Gaming, you can enjoy the game for anywhere from $0.10 to $100. This presents a huge range, and therefore, it presents a huge range of possible payouts too. These start fairly low if you pick just one or two numbers from the board. 

If you max out the possible selections, the highest return you can snag is 1,000x your wager.

Keno from Orbital Gaming Bonus Features

In our opinion, the fact that you can choose three different game modes is already a bonus feature. This gives you a chance to control how you play, not to mention the additional choices regarding how many numbers you pick. Because of that, we believe that the most appealing bonus elements for Keno from Orbital Gaming are very much based on the customization tools.

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Symbols and Gameplay

By its very nature, Keno produces a random selection of numbers with each round played. This alone keeps the gameplay interesting, unpredictable, and highly engaging. As for extra gameplay features, you’ve got “Auto-Play”, varying multipliers, and of course, three different modes.

We must also say that we like the different options available in terms of picking 1-10 numbers per round. Orbital Gaming ensures that these picks are easily visible by highlighting them too, which avoids confusion. All in all, the gameplay for Keno from Orbital Gaming is superior to other variations.


At this point, we hope you are feeling confident with how the Keno Casino Game works and what’s required if you play this one. And since you’re here, you are just moments away from trying one of these 3 Keno variations. To gain access, simply register here and load up the version you’d like to play!

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Keno from Orbital Gaming FAQs

On What Devices Can I Play The Keno Casino Game?

The Keno casino game works perfectly on laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Does The Coin Size Apply To Each Number?

Yes. After you’ve picked your coin size, the “Total Bet” will increase based on the range of numbers chosen per round.

Must I Download Any Software To Play?

No. Orbital Gaming has crafted this game and supplied it via HTML5 software, meaning you don’t need to download anything to play.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Aanya Joshi
Keno stands out as one of the most entertaining experiences.

Having explored various casino games, Keno stands out as one of the most entertaining experiences. The gameplay, chance, and potential for substantial wins make it a standout choice. It's a must-try for anyone looking for a game of numbers and luck!

 by Priya Desai
This game easily earns a well-deserved 5-star rating."5-star rating.

I'm addicted to Keno! The engaging decisions and the rush of seeing your numbers hit keep me entertained. This game easily earns a well-deserved 5-star rating.

 by Aarav Sharma
Keno brings the excitement of a lottery to the casino.

Keno brings the excitement of a lottery to the casino. The attention to detail and the opportunity to win with well-chosen numbers make it a must-play. A 5-star game indeed!

 by Neha Patel
A perfect 5-star experience!

Keno tests my intuition and luck. The gameplay is captivating, and the joy of seeing the drawn numbers match is truly exhilarating. A perfect 5-star experience!

 by Aditya Singh
I'm thoroughly impressed with Keno!

I'm thoroughly impressed with Keno! The variety of number combinations and the challenge of predicting outcomes create an engaging experience. This game is a true gem for casino enthusiasts.

 by Meera Sharma
Keno strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and luck.

"Keno strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and luck. The game mechanics are straightforward, and the satisfaction of seeing numbers come up earns it a definite 5 stars!

 by Rajesh Kumar
Highly recommended!

As a fan of casino games and numbers, Keno is a must-play. The strategy of choosing numbers and the potential for matching them keep me coming back. Highly recommended!

 by Sneha Gupta
I'm absolutely captivated by Keno!

I'm absolutely captivated by Keno! The anticipation of the draw and the thrill of hitting the right numbers add an extra layer of excitement. This game definitely deserves a perfect rating.

 by Amit Patel
Keno is an absolute delight!

Keno is an absolute delight! The suspense of watching the numbers match and the excitement of potential wins keep me engaged. A solid 5-star rating without a doubt!

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