Shaping the Deck Into Card Games Magic

Shaping the Deck Into Card Games Magic

The deck of cards remains the most versatile gaming tool or equipment out there. Hence, why we have diverse cards casino game options for you to enjoy, but let’s take a step back. Who decided that the modern 52 card deck is right for games? Cards were invented centuries ago, and they intertwined with various cultures. So, did the unanimity happen? Well, we will find out soon, as we discuss the origin of the deck of cards and how each symbol was decided, in today’s casino news

Suits, Symbols, and Shuffles: The Origin of the Deck of Cards 

It is uncertain how and where decks of cards we use today to play top casino games were formed. There are varying opinions about its origin. Some believe playing cards were invented in China or Persia about ten centuries AD. Another school of thought, for some reason, believed it originated in India and moved down to Egypt. From there, it found its way to Italy, Spain, and Europe in the 14th century. 

However, as the card decks touched down in various countries and continents, it underwent some modifications. There were no 10s, 8s, or 9s in Spain’s card formation, resulting in a 40-card deck. Moving on to Germany, a king, and two knaves were introduced to eliminate the queen present in the Italian Deck. Other new suits were also added to form a 48-card deck. It was in France the modern standard card deck was established. 

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Shuffling Through History: The Modern Deck of Cards

In the early 15th century, France joined the card modification train, and the changes they introduced remain to date. They introduced suits we know and use today to play different casino games of cards (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs) and divided them into colors: Red and black playing cards. 

The simplification of the cards helped speed up their manufacturing process. As a result, cards spread even faster to other countries but met resistance. The French tax masters heavily taxed card manufacturers, forcing them to move to Belgium. From Belgium, cards were exported in high quantities to England, where the Ace of Spades was introduced, making it the most prominent playing card. In the later part of the 19th century, cards moved to America. There, the 52  deck of cards was standardized, the manufacturing process was more organized, and the joker card was also established. 

How the Deck of Cards Was Decided: Court Cards and Suits 

It is generally accepted that the French deck of cards is the standard card deck, even for 3 player card games. However, how the design, number of cards, suits, and colors were decided is quite unclear. No one knows, but here are various thoughts on it.

According to some historians, the title suits was coined from the old French word “Suite,” now known as “pursuit,” which means to hunt. The four suits, heart, spades, clubs, and diamonds, are believed to represent societal class and human endeavors. Clubs: associated with a cloverleaf, symbolizing Peasants and Work/community growth; Diamond: merchant and wealth creation; Hearts: Clergy and Inner Joy; Spades: warriors and problems, hence why it looks like a pointed weapon. 

Some others believe the four suits represent natural elements: Clubs, Fire; Health, Water; Spades, Air; and Diamonds, Earth. Overall, the real truth is that no one knows for sure. If we could turn back time to ask those who did it, we can only find out how the suits were decided.

Court cards, on the other hand, have a direct story. The court represents the Palace court, hence why we have kings, queens, and Jack. However, Jack was initially called Knaves. But to prevent lettering confusion between King and Knaves, the French modified it to become Jack (J). 


Today, the 52-card deck is used in poker and countless other card games, like the Swoop Card Game. The French version’s enduring popularity is a testament to its dynamic design, making it appeal to nearly every culture across various continents. So, take a moment to enjoy the mysterious yet interesting history of the deck of cards the next time you pick one up to play a game with friends or at an online casino. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to start playing various card games online, including Deuces Wild, with our well-designed virtual 52-card deck.

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