Lottery Ticket by Evoplay Entertainment

We’ve all dabbled in the lottery at some point. There is something irresistible about the chance of scoring a huge payout, however small that chance might be. But in Lottery Ticket, the payouts are fantastic, while the chances of winning are no longer millions to one. 

Specifically, you can win as much as 30,000x your bet size here and purchase three tickets for every round played. This means three times the fun and three times the engagement! And if you’re a fan of Evoplay Entertainment’s Lottery Ticket, don’t forget to explore more in our game reviews.

How to Play Lottery Ticket

Playing Lottery Ticket for magnificent payouts is as straightforward as buying a ticket. Like practicing with free video poker before real-money wagering, you might prefer to try this game’s demo version first. To know how to play, tap the coins icon to adjust the wager size, then pick your six numbers on the displayed ticket. If undecided, use the “Random” button for automatic selection.

Once all numbers are locked in, hit the green checkmark to proceed. You can reveal the numbers for that ticket or purchase up to two more tickets before you dive in.

Select the “?” icon to read extra gameplay information.

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Lottery Ticket RTP and Variance

Evoplay Entertainment doesn’t state a variance for the Lottery Ticket game. However, it does state the RTP, which is 96.01%. This is competitive compared to other lottery-style games.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

There is nothing complex about the possible wagers in this lottery game. Bets start at $0.10, while the maximum is $5. This is the price paid per round.

Win Numbers5+66+

Lottery Ticket Bonus Features

The only notable feature of the Lottery Ticket is the “extra number” option. In short, the standard game reveals six numbers on your ticket, but contrary to other casino games, the fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to your six numbers, you must select an extra number. This can be any number between 1 and 5.

So, at the end of the round, if you match some standard numbers and guess the extra one, there’s a good chance you’ll be in the money.

Symbols and Gameplay

By nature, lottery games don’t give exposure to unreal animations or breathtaking graphics. Despite that, the visuals in Lottery Ticket online are decent. The tickets are also large and spacious, and there’s no messing around when revealing the outcomes. 

Payouts are revealed in seconds if you’ve won anything, and the bag of coins alongside the sparkling “Jackpot” sign serves as a reminder of the value on offer.

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Evoplay Entertainment has produced a rewarding lottery game. Not many RNG lottery games facilitate options like extra numbers, multiple tickets, and enormous jackpots. So the fact that these are all included is a huge benefit. But none of this is of use if you sit on the sidelines.

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Lottery Ticket Game FAQs

How Many Numbers Must I Match For A Win?

As a minimum, you must match at least 2 numbers for a payout. However, you must match 5 or more for the bonus ball to have any impact.

What Do The “+” Icons Indicate In The Paytable?

These indicate the presence of a matched bonus ball, which enhances the corresponding payout.

Can I Purchase Three Tickets At Different Bet Levels?

Of course. You could purchase one ticket at the minimum level while buying another at the maximum level. The selected price points are totally in your control.

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