Speed Card Game: A Lightning-Fast Card Showdown

Speed Card Game: A Lightning-Fast Card Showdown

One of the reasons card games are among the most engaging in casinos is because of the diverse options available. Whether you like to take things slow or want to game with full-on adrenaline, you have multiple choices. The latter involves making quick decisions while ensuring you are strategic about each hand you play to win. A typical example is the Speed card game.

Mostly played between two players, the Speed card game requires quick thinking, fast hand reflexes, and a heart willing to win. Today’s casino news article examines the game’s essence and provides insights into its gameplay.

Speed Card Game: How Fast Can You Shed Your Game?

Speed is a shedding card game, meaning players must offset all the cards to win. It uses a regular 52-card deck and a series of instructions that guide the gameplay. The rule is that you can only place a card that is one up or one down the card at the center. For example, if there’s a 4 in the center card, you can only play a 3, one down, or a 5, one up.

In the case of a king, you can put the one down as a Queen or the one up as an Ace to form a loop. It takes this to get rid of all your cards and win the game. However, note that there are numerous rules you have to consider to finish the game. And like other casino game types, Speed has variations that spice up the basic game even more.

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History of Speed Card Game

No one has well-detailed the history of the speed card game. A report states that the first Speed card game was published in 1938. The company printed the cards in two colors and sold them for 1 shilling. However, over time, there were changes. In 1945, the company reprinted the cards in full color, and later, they published new editions with new images.

Another record states that the game was invented by Reinhard Staupe and published for the first time in 1995. In Reinhard’s words, the card game gives a pure adrenaline rush as you race to offset your cards quickly.

As the popularity of the Speed card game grew, competitions were held on it. If you check YouTube, you will find some of the championship tournament clips.

Speed Card Game Variations

Below are the types of speed card casino games you will likely encounter. 

Play Multiple Cards
The standard rule of Speed is that you must play a card at a time. With this variation, you can play many cards at once, making the game faster and keeping you on your toes. 

Remember, each player has 20 cards in the regular Speed game: 15 face down and 5 face up. With this variation, players have five piles of 5 face-down cards and only the top card face-up. This limits their options and requires a more calculative play to win.

In this variation, players can use the Joker card, which can then be played as a one-down or one-up card. If, for example, there is a 7 in the center card and a player plays the joker, it can be interpreted as an eight or a 6.

Play Doubles
In this variant, players can play the same card value on the center card.

California Speed
This speed card game is the most distinct among the mentioned variants. Players get half the deck, which is 26 cards face down. Next, they each lay down four cards and find a match. Players continue to match until the game ends.

Be the Fastest Player

Skill is essential in the Speed card game. While crucial skills are needed to play table games at casinos, Speed takes it up a notch with more options to consider.

First, and like in many live and online casino games of cards, you need to think fast on your feet. The overall game is built on how fast you can play. Slow down, and you’re out! Next, you need to have quick reflexes. Once you see the cards you need to play, drop them quickly. It’s not enough to have good cards; you must dispose of them with your hands at lightning speed.

Like the Speed Baccarat E10 Live Dealer game, this card game needs fast reflexes and quick hand coordination. This means that you should be able to look at the two center cards, look at your hands, and start planning to pick up other cards in a pile.

Enjoy Rapid Gameplay and Intense Competition

The Speed card game is as entertaining as it sounds. It involves many moving parts that seem complicated to learn. However, once you know the game’s rules, you only have to be fast and strategic to win. You can always learn tricks and techniques to improve your card games, by following our online casino guides.

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