Track Your Farkle Journey With the Ultimate Score Sheet

Track Your Farkle Journey With the Ultimate Score Sheet

Farkle is a point-scoring game played using six dice. A minimum of 2 players is needed for its gameplay to commence, but it is advised that three or more players engage in it to make it more fun. The scores are tracked in a Farkle Score Sheet. 

The higher the number of people participating in Farkle, the more crucial it is to record each player’s points. A piece of paper can be torn to do this, but using a Farkle Score sheet is more appropriate. 

In this casino news, our focus is on using the Farkle score sheet rather than how to play farkle. But first, here is an overview of the Farkle Dice Game. 

Farkle Score Sheet: Never Lose Track of Points Again 

Frakle is an easy dice game played in rounds and requires proper documentation of players’ scores. The game’s invention is unclear, but some records state that Albert Farkle created it in the 15th century. This means it is older than tribal casinos. Some other sources stated that the game was coined from dice obtained from “Farkleberries.” However, regardless of where and when it originated, this game remains among the best dice games. 

Farkle gameplay goes in a clockwise direction. The player going first throws the six dice, and the roll’s outcome is checked against the accepted outcomes that count for a point. If some dice roll outcome matches some points, the player can roll the remaining dice. Failure of the dice outcome to match any point leads to a score of zero. The first player to get a total point of 10,000 wins the game. 

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How the Farkle Score Sheet Works 

The Farkle score sheet is the game’s scorekeeper. It keeps tabs on each player’s point outcome as they roll the dice, but its style differs from the one in the baccarat game. The sheet typically has columns for the ten major scoring categories and some allowances for rule changes. It can allow up to six to eight players to record their scores. The standard winning combinations are written on the bottom of the sheet. A non-participant can record the points, or each player can record their points after each roll. Below is the point count on the Farkle score sheet. 

1= 100 points

5= 50 points

Three 1’s= 1,000 points

Three 2’s= 200 points

Three 3’s= 300 points

Three 4’s= 400 points

Three 5’s= 500 points

Three 6’s= 600 points

1-2-3-4-5-6 = 3000 points

3 Pairs= 1500 points 

If a player Farkles three times in a row, a loss of a thousand points occurs (Farkling means that you roll the dice and do not score any points on your turn). And if a player stops playing voluntarily, their score is summed up with their total. The new point is recorded on the Farkle score sheet. But, in a gameplay where a tie occurs, the players with the matching scores will continue gaming in full rounds until one player has a higher point score than the other player(s). 

Advantages of the Farkle Score Sheet 

There are various dimensions to the printing of the Farkle score sheet. Some can only be used by six players, while some can record the points of eight players. 

Now, in a case where eight players use paper to record, a mix-up can render the whole session fruitless. But if a score sheet is used, there won’t be any form of confusion as every player’s points are made open via the sheet. 

Also, according to some online casino reviews, the sheet introduces some level of awareness. If you need to be more strategic, the sheet will let you know, and if you need to relax because you are ahead of other players by significantly higher points, it will also make it known to you. 

Finally, like in many casino games, the score sheet introduces some level of officialness to the game. There are even luxury editions of the game. 


Utilizing a Farkle score sheet when playing the point-based dice game shows transparency. It adds some sense of competition and excitement to the game as each player strives for the best possible point, 10,000. So, if you are interested in Farkle, get its scoring sheet before you begin to roll. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to start playing other casino games like Hoo Hey How game.

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