American Roulette Game

Roulette has a rich history from its beginnings in France to where it is today. Now, it’s one of the most sought-after high-end games in the online casino. You can step into a virtual room to take your place at the American Roulette table by BGaming. This variation of the game has a zero and a double zero on the wheel, so will you step up and spin the virtual wheel of chance?

How to Play American Roulette

Nothing like some American Roulette Wheel play sessions to feel like a winner!

To play American Roulette, first, you need to select the casino online real money chips that you want to use for your bets. Select from the bottom of the screen, choosing from chip denominations between $1 and $100. Once you select your chips, place them on the numbers or outside bets that you predict will come up when the ball drops.

Press the spin button once your bets have been placed, and this will get the ball rolling. Once the ball lands, all bets are paid out. You now have the choice to place the same wager again using the “Rebet” option or to place a new wager by selecting “New Bets”.

For more information on how to play American Roulette, open the menu at the top right and look for the rules section. Try the free American Roulette version, and play the demo without risking your bankroll!

From classics to newcomers, our online casino reviews help you choose your next winning adventure in the casino realm.

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American Roulette RTP and Variance

BGaming has not released an official variance, but that’s okay with us. American Roulette is a very popular game, so we think it’s just fine and well worth a spin or three!

Having lady luck on your side as you play is helpful, but so is having a high RTP. The RTP for this game is 94.74%, putting it on par with other American Roulette casino games.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The paytable below, brought to you by our casino guides, shows you the way to your smart betting. Learn how to bet on Roulette with successful results by reading our guides!

Inside BetPayout
First Five6:1
6 Line5:1
Outside Betsx
Column Bet2:1
Dozen Bet 2:1

Main American Roulette Features

American Roulette has 38 numbers on the wheel, which are represented on the table by betting squares. In addition to the numbers, you can also place wagers on the outside bets. These outside bets are Red or Black, Odd or Even, and High or Low. Outside bets normally pay out a lot less than inside bets, but they are safer bets to place.

Tips for Playing

American Roulette is based on its European counterpart, but the main difference between the two is that the American version has a double zero as opposed to the European version which has only a single zero. 

The aim of any Roulette game is to predict where the ball will land and then cover those numbers and bets to win. American Roulette is no different! It takes some luck, but also a real cash wager on the table to start racking up those wins.


Roulette has a few different variations to choose from. BGaming understands that ‌it can be a bit daunting to try something new among other participating players, so they bring a virtual table straight to you. This table is the same as you would expect to find in a real-life casino, but even better as you have it all to yourself!

Place your bets, watch for zero and double zero, and see what lady luck brings you.

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American Roulette FAQs

What Are The Table Limits?

You may place a minimum bet of $1, up to and including a maximum bet of $100.

What Is The Difference If A Roulette Game Has 37 Or 38 Positions?

In a Roulette game with 37 positions, there is only one zero, while 38 position games have two zeros.

How Does The Wagering Process Work?

In American Roulette, you need to look at the chips on the bottom of your screen and choose whichever option matches your preferences.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Edward Allen
Table games of good quality

I enjoy playing table games of good quality. You can tell that there was a lot of care, time, and effort that was put into making American Roulette which I appreciated.

 by Michelle Miller
I love playing table games

I love playing table games, especially roulette, so when I bumped into American Roulette by Bgaming I knew I had to play. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

 by Shirley Parker
I had fun which is rare

I found American Roulette a little slow even when it came to loading on my laptop, but when I got to play, I had fun which is rare. I would play again.

 by Ava Bell
Five stars

I missed a bit of the casino vibe; however, American Roulette really takes playing Roulette to the next level in terms of quality. I’d give this table game five stars.

 by Henry Jackson
American Roulette was impeccable

The simplicity of American Roulette was impeccable. I knew exactly what I was doing and when. Placing bets was even more straightforward. Recommending currently to friends and family.

 by Jonathan Watson
I’d definitely play this game again

I’d definitely play this game again on both my phone and laptop. It’s a bit slow; however, the graphics and overall quality are why I keep going back to American Roulette.

 by Laura Cook
I love playing Roulette on my phone

I love playing Roulette on my phone; however, I always have issues with the size, but this wasn’t an issue with American Roulette. I had an amazing time playing.

 by William Davis
American Roulette is seen so easily

I found that American Roulette is seen so easily. I could distinguish between black and red. Someone announced the winning numbers, which was great and made it easier for me.

 by Noah Turner
It made it so much easier

I played American Roulette on my laptop, and the quality is amazing. I really appreciated the size of everything. It made it so much easier to see.

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