Personal Roulette by Smartsoft Gaming

Who doesn’t love the Roulette table? Gamblers have been fascinated with this game for centuries, and the Personal Roulette title by Smartsoft Gaming gives it a classic touch. This RNG table game operates with a European Roulette style, with a single zero and 37 pockets in total. To win, you need to predict which pocket the ball will land.

You can choose 10 different wagers with payouts of 1:1 at the low end of the scale and 35:1 at the high end. This is simplicity at its finest, and the general quality of gameplay is magnificent.

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How to Play Personal Roulette

To place any wagers in the Personal Roulette game, you first need to know how to play and that starts with choosing your chip size denomination. You will see five virtual chips above the table, ranging from $0.10 to $50. Once selected, you can pick the bets you want to make on the table next to the main roulette wheel. 

After choosing the first bet, options including “Spin”, “Double”, “Clear”, and “Undo” appear, and whenever the spin finishes, you will see an option to “Re-Bet”, which mirrors your previous wagers.

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Personal Roulette RTP and Variance

The great thing about European Roulette is that it offers the lowest house edge of all roulette options. The 97.30% RTP reflects this, representing just a 2.70% house edge. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In Personal Roulette online, with five chip size options, betting ranges widely from $0.10 to $50.

Six Numbers5:1
Five Numbers6:1
Four Numbers8:1
Three Numbers11:1
Two Numbers17:1
One Number (Straight)35:1

Personal Roulette Bonus Features

We’d love to highlight a ton of features that make it unique compared to similar games, but that isn’t the case, nor is it possible to implement notable bonuses in European Roulette games. So, while the absence of bonuses might disappoint, this is not due to a lack of creativity from Smartsoft Gaming. 

Symbols and Gameplay

If there were one word that could describe Personal Roulette, it would be “minimalistic.” There aren’t any fancy visuals or striking animations to crank up the immersive feel. Instead, it follows a stylish layout with clear graphics. Enhancing the experience at the best online casino, the visual display of the roulette wheel in Personal Roulette is top-notch. The sound effects, mimicking the ball skipping along the metal dividers, further immerse players.


If you love the element of chance in casino games, Personal Roulette gives exactly that. In return, not only will you get top-tier excitement, but you can also aim for 35:1 payouts in the process. Games don’t have to break the mold to be a huge hit.

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Personal Roulette FAQs

How Many Bets Can I Cover In One Spin?

You can cover as many bets in a single spin as you wish. However, all bets combined cannot exceed the table maximum of $100.

Is Personal Roulette Accessible On Mobiles And Tablets?

Yes. Since the game operates using HTML5 technology, you can enjoy it on tablets and mobiles without any download requirements.

What Does The 2.70% House Edge Mean?

It means that, on average, 2.70% of all bets result in a loss, which is where the “house” makes money.

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