Virtual Roulette Game by Smartsoft Gaming

Virtual Roulette Game by Smartsoft Gaming

Do you stick with “hot” numbers? Should you take a punt on the outside track bets? Or should you play it safe with wagers that offer 1:1 returns? Contemplate these questions as you enjoy the Virtual Roulette Game by Smartsoft Gaming. This no-nonsense RNG table game offers a classic casino experience with immersive visuals that grip your attention from the first spin.

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How to Play the Virtual Roulette Game

You don’t need to be a Roulette gaming genius to understand how to play the Virtual Roulette Game. Get familiar with the virtual chip sizes above the table, tap the values you wish to wager, and assign them to the available bets. You’ve got 12 chip denominations to choose from, and 9 varieties of bets. However, the same bet size doesn’t need to cover each wager.

You can vary these with each round played, and this mix-and-match approach is an excellent strategy to cover a range of low-payout and high-payout bets. Then again, it’s ultimately your choice for which bets to make and what values to use.

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Virtual Roulette Game RTP and Variance

In our Virtual Roulette review, we note that while the exact variance for this game is not provided by Smartsoft Gaming, they do offer a precise RTP of 97.30%, leaving the variance aspect unmentioned.

Virtual Roulette stands out as a high-value option for fans of online casino games with real money, and returns up to 35:1, ensuring one of the best online casino gaming experiences.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You can bet anywhere from $0.05 to $100 to play the Virtual Roulette online game. Different coin denominations on the table reflect these wager sizes, creating your total stake per game.

Straight Up35:1

Virtual Roulette Game Bonus Features

The Virtual Roulette online offers a unique feature, and it doesn’t necessarily boost player engagement or potential payouts. It consists of “track bets”, which are specialty bets seen on only a small range of roulette games.

These bets are known as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins a Cheval — all fancy French terms that merely indicate a precise section of the wheel. You don’t have to cover these bets, but the option is there if you want it. 

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Symbols and Gameplay

Usually, RNG roulette games put the power in your hands as to when the wheel spins. In Virtual Roulette, you must place your bets and lock them in before the timer runs out. This sense of time pressure makes the game more exciting than most, and the “no more bets” call lets you know that it’s time for business.

Each spin delivers real-life sound effects and a dynamic representation of the wheel spin, which kicks things up a notch in the quality department. 


Will the Virtual Roulette Game shatter records for creative features and unreal bonuses? No. But will it deliver endless entertainment and a shot at pretty awesome returns? Most definitely.

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Virtual Roulette Game FAQs

Should I Track The Outcome History To Make My Betting Decisions?

That’s up to you, but historical outcomes do not influence future results.

Is It Easy To Play Virtual Roulette Game On A Mobile Device?

It’s easy to play this game on mobile. Just tap the coin sizes and bet squares during the allotted time frame, and you’re ready to go.

Can I Make The Same Wager Over And Over Again?

Yes, if you want to. Smartsoft Gaming makes this easy, as you can just tap “Re-Bet” to place the same wagers for the upcoming round.

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