Boost the Wheel Slot from Mancala Games

Spin into a new dimension with the Boost the Wheel Slot, where Mancala Games reimagines the action not with reels and paylines but with a fascinating Wheel of Fortune style! This unique design showcases wheel-based gameplay across five rings, offering a collection of rewards from jackpot bonuses and bonus multipliers to free spins.

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How to Play Boost the Wheel Slot

To master how to play Boost the Wheel Slot, you’ll find all your controls neatly arranged for easy gameplay. On the right side, set your game in motion with Autospin or the play button, and adjust your stakes with the cash stack. For those eager to jump straight to the action, the buy bonus feature awaits at the top right, with the paytable tucked away in the bottom left for strategic insights. 

Plus, you can explore the game settings to customize your wheel adventure. Our casino guides are your compass in this wheel of fortune environment, guiding you to play with confidence.

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Boost the Wheel Slot RTP and Variance

Spin into fun with the Boost the Wheel slot, sporting an RTP of 95% and a variance rating that is currently unknown.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

For those playing the Boost the Wheel slot online, all bets range from 50 to 40,000 coins, rolling towards potentially huge payouts detailed in the payout table.

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x IconVarious multipliers from x0.1 to x500
Up ArrowMoves to the next segment of the wheel
Left/Right ArrowMoves the wheel to a random sector
Free SpinUse one free spin
Reset Get one more spin on the current wheel sector
Bronze StarWin Bronze Jackpot
Silver StarWin Silver Jackpot
Gold StarWin Gold Jackpot
Diamond StarWin Diamond Jackpot
Golden/Platinum WheelsNew wheels to win bigger prizes

Boost the Wheel Slot Bonus Features

Fortune favors the bold in our online slots, and in this game, with this set of five wheels, each promising rising rewards as you spin from the heart outwards. Each stop could land you prizes that spiral to the outer circle, where the loot gets grander!

The jackpot bonus game introduces the biggest wins from bronze to diamond, escalating from x25 to x1000 your bet as you progress from wheel to wheel.

And just when you think you’ve seen everything, the Golden and Platinum Wheels are revealed, boasting multipliers that can take your winnings into the stratosphere. Spin for glory in the Boost the Wheel slot game – where every bet brings you closer to huge wins!

Symbols and Gameplay

Symbols are not quite the same in this, given the unique setup, but there are key sections of the wheel that you should be looking out for. From jackpots set between x25 to x1000 your bet to the ultimate win of 10250x, every symbol turns the wheel into a display of fortune and fun!


The Boost the Wheel slot takes you on a unique spin, transforming classic slot gameplay into an exciting wheel of fortune adventure. It’s an immersive journey that keeps you immersed, spinning through circles of fortune to reveal grand prizes. 

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Boost the Wheel Slot FAQs

What are the key features of the Boost the Wheel slot?

It includes a unique wheel-based gameplay with various rewards on five rings, a jackpot bonus game, bonus multipliers, and free spins. Spin the wheel to unlock different prizes and progress through each ring for bigger rewards.

How does the jackpot bonus game work?

It is triggered by landing on jackpot segments. Players can progress through bronze, silver, golden, and diamond jackpots, with potential rewards increasing up to x1000 their bet.

Can I get free spins in the Boost the Wheel?

Yes, they are awarded through the game’s unique wheel mechanism. Landing on the free spins segment on any of the wheels grants you a set number of spins, improving your chances to win without placing additional bets.

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