5/36 Live Dealer by Superlotto Games

The 5/36 Live Dealer is a lottery game from Superlotto Games. It’s streamed from a live state-of-the-art studio, where the game airs every 2 to 4 minutes day and night. The machine randomly releases 5 out of 36 balls — the winning numbers. Players can choose various bet or ticket prices and as many numbers as they want. The more numbers you pick and the higher your ticket price is, the better your odds of winning up to $50,000.

How to Play 5/36 Live Dealer

Figuring out how to play the 5/36 Live Dealer is relatively easy. Just read on, and we will explain.

First, you need to pick the price of your ticket from the available amounts. Determine the number of symbols you want to play and then choose your numbers or select them from the “Favorites” or “Recommended” tabs. Once you complete these steps, you can buy your ticket.

Playing the 5/36 Live Dealer game is easy enough, but be sure to read over our casino guides for tips on practicing proper bankroll management.

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5/36 Live Dealer RTP and Variance

For our 5/36 Live Dealer online review, we searched for the RTP and variance with no luck, as Superlotto Games still needs to provide this data. The 5/36 lottery is a game of chance and moves at a rapid rate, so we’re sure you will land a win in no time.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In the 5/36 Live Dealer, you can buy tickets from $0.10 to $2, offering a budget-friendly option in the live dealer online casino experience.

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5/36 Live Dealer Overview

The 5/36 Live Dealer is held every 2-4 minutes around the clock. This game consists of a host and a machine filled with 36 balls. The machine selects five random numbers in every round. Players get to pick up to 10 numbers on a card and then compare it to the numbers on the screen to see if they win. Join the fun at a live dealer casino.

Main Features of 5/36 Live Dealer

The 5/36 Live Dealer follows a straightforward set of rules. Players select numbers from a pool of 36 balls, with up to 10 numbers being an option. The ticket cost can be chosen from various available amounts, accommodating various budgets. To win, participants must match their selected numbers with the five randomly drawn winning numbers in each round, and the prize amount depends on the number of matched symbols. 

If you are after fast-paced action, you are in the right place. The 5/36 Live Dealer game by Superlotto Games offers an exciting online casino experience with a top prize of 50,000x your bet.


With rounds every 2-4 minutes,5/36 Live Dealer is accessible 24/7. Players can choose from a range of ticket prices and up to 10 numbers, increasing their winning potential. Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest casino news and get exclusive offers.

5/36 Live Dealer FAQs

What’s The Top Prize In The 5/36 Live Dealer Game?

The top prize in the 5/36 game is a substantial 50,000x your bet.

How Frequently Are The Rounds Played?

Rounds of the 5/36 game play every 2-4 minutes, 24/7.

How Are Winning Numbers Determined In The Game?

The machine determines winning numbers randomly, with 5 out of the 36 balls drawn in each round.

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