Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer by SA Gaming

SA Gaming invites you to try another of its exciting casino games, the Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer game. With ties to Asia, this live dealer casino game combines traditional table game elements with a fun and modern twist by streaming live from studios. Players bet on Dragon or Tiger and aim for a maximum win of 8x the wager while playing on a traditional green felt table.

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How to Play Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer

To understand how to play the Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer, select your chip value from the bottom left of the screen. You can then wager on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie betting options.

To access the menu, select the three-lined button on the lower right side of the screen. You will find the settings and the rules, explaining more about how to play Dragon Tiger C.

Also on the right of the screen are other games currently in play if you wish to move on to another table or game.

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Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer RTP and Variance

In the Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer online, fortune favors the bold! With an impressive RTP of 96.27%, players can expect rewarding returns. While the official volatility is unknown, you could watch a round or two of the Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer demo game to get a feel for the game and its variance.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

On the best online casino real money platform, players can bet with chips valued between 1 and 1,000, suiting a variety of player budgets.

Bet TypePayout

Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer Game Overview

Dragon Tiger C uses 8 decks of cards without any jokers and does not consider card suits. Live dealers draw the cards and players select their chip value and bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

Comparing the Dragon and Tiger hands determines the result in this game, with the higher value hand being declared the winner. 

For instance, if the Dragon has a Queen (12 points) and the Tiger has a Jack (11 points), the Dragon wins. If both hands have the same card value, it results in a Tie.

Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer Main Features

Dragon Tiger C offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to players of all levels. With a flexible bet range, it accommodates various wagering preferences. The core gameplay involves predicting which hand (Dragon or Tiger) will have the higher card value, with an option to bet on a Tie. 


With its straightforward gameplay and impressive RTP, the game is ideal for newcomers and seasoned players. This Asian-inspired online casino game offers wins of 8x the bet by simply betting if the cards will be a tie or higher than the Dragon or Tiger. The perfectly polished delivery and studio are what tie the game together to deliver an immersive gaming session.

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Dragon Tiger C Live Dealer FAQs

What Happens If There’s A Tie Between Dragon And Tiger?

If you bet on Dragon or Tiger and the result is a Tie, you will lose only half of your wager.

How Do I Start Playing Dragon Tiger C?

Select your preferred chip value, place your bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, and let the live dealer reveal the results.

How Are Card Values Determined In Dragon Tiger C?

In Dragon Tiger C, card values range from Ace (1 point) to King (highest at 13 points). Suits do not factor into consideration.

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