E – Roulette from SA Gaming

E – Roulette, from SA Gaming’s, brings the thrill of live casino action into your home with cutting-edge technology. It’s played on a traditional roulette table, with one zero and numbers 1-36. A well-groomed dealer encourages you to place your bet, and you can also choose one of many side bets. With a maximum win of $5,000, this game promises excitement on every spin. 

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How to Play E – Roulette

To start playing E – Roulette, select your bet amount with the chips at the screen’s bottom, similar to starting a round of free video poker, and then place them on the table.

After each round, you can easily repeat your previous bet by clicking the “REBET” button.

For more information on how to play E – Roulette, including rules and settings, access the menu button in the bottom right corner.

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E – Roulette RTP and Variance

In E – Roulette, the wheel of fortune spins with an enticing 97.30% RTP, offering players a favorable edge in their pursuit of wins. The game boasts medium volatility, ensuring a balanced blend of rousing risks and rewarding outcomes. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The game provides a wide betting scope, with chip values ranging from 1 to 1000, catering to both cautious players and high rollers.

Straight up35:1
Six Line5:1

E – Roulette Overview

The E – Roulette game is a live dealer casino game with a roulette wheel that features 37 positions, including numbers 1 through 36 and a single zero. The game introduces convenient options like the re-bet, outside bets, and custom bets for easy and efficient bet placement. Additionally, a racetrack is available for more advanced betting strategies, allowing players to explore unique wagering options such as Neighbors of Zero and Orphans.

Main E – Roulette Features

This game offers a simple gameplay experience. Players simply select their bet amount and strategically place wagers on various options. As the countdown ends, the dealer spins the wheel and the objective is to predict where the ball lands. Players can enjoy a realistic gaming environment with a user-friendly table layout and multiple camera angles. 


Roulette has a timeless appeal. It’s a sophisticated game, and SA Gaming has brought E – Roulette online right to your home. While high-tech, it retains traditional elements like a wooden wheel and a table, enhanced with exceptional audio quality that brings the sound of the ball on the wheel to life. With a top prize of $5,000 and diverse betting options, this game offers a winning combination for all enthusiasts of casino games.

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E – Roulette FAQs

Are There Advanced Betting Options?

Yes, the game offers advanced betting options like Neighbors of Zero and Orphans.

What Are Straight Bets?

Straight Bets involve placing your chip(s) on a single number on the table, such as numbers 1 through 36 or the single zero (0). If the ball lands on your selected number, you win with a payout of 35:1.

What Are The Neighbors Of Zero Bets?

Neighbors of Zero bets involve placing nine chips on various combinations of numbers close to zero.

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