Teen Patti Live Dealer by TVBET

Play Teen Patti Live Dealer from TVBET. Known for producing elegantly simple live games, TVBET does not disappoint. The game is hosted in a studio decorated beautifully with a traditional Indian theme. 

Teen Patti is a simple 3-card live dealer casino game where players place a bet on who has the strongest hand and in which combination. They can place a bet on future hands! Players will enjoy the real feel of playing at a live table, all while winning excellent prizes. 

Play Teen Patti Live Dealer. It’s a simple card game with excellent rewards!

How to Play Teen Patti

To learn how to play Teen Patti Live Dealer, start by scrolling to the bottom of the screen to select a wager. Use the “-” and “+” buttons to choose a wager that starts from $0.10 and goes to $100 per bet. 

Next, back either Player A or Player B to win or select one of the several outcome bets.

To learn more about the rules, head to the “How to Play” menu at the top left of the screen for detailed instructions. 

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Teen Patti Live Dealer RTP and Variance

As of writing this Teen Patti live dealer online review, TVBET has not published either the RTP or variance for this game.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Player A to Win1.9
Player B to Win1.9
Three of a Kind100
Straight Flush100
Pair 3.38
High Card1.71

Teen Patti Live Dealer Overview

Teen Patti is played with one deck of 52 cards. 

Players can back either Player A or Player B to win the round. It is possible to select several side bets, such as whether the outcome will be a Royal Flush, a Straight, or several other outcomes. During the round, it is possible to place additional wagers. However, the odds will change to reflect the likelihood of the outcome.  

The round ends when each player has three cards, at which point a winner is determined. 

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Main Teen Patti Features

Teen Patti Live Dealer is played with a single deck of cards that the dealer distributes to Players A and B, giving them a maximum of three cards each. The aim is to back the player that will get the best possible hand. The likely outcome of each hand is reflected in the odds and the potential payout.

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Teen Patti Live Dealer FAQs

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Bets In The Teen Patti Live Dealer Game?

The minimum bet starts at $0.10, and the maximum bet is $100 per wager.

What Is The Best Possible Hand In Teen Patti?

The best hand is the Three-of-a-Kind, which consists of three cards of the same value, such as three 7s.

Can I Place Bets After The First Card Has Been Dealt In Teen Patti?

Yes, bets can be placed as the game progress. The odds change depending on how likely an outcome is.


Teen Patti is the ultimate easy-to-play card game. Players can enjoy an immersive live gaming session, like sitting at a private table. It’s a well-presented game, with a charming dealer and great decor. The game offers fantastic odds and multiple betting options and should suit players of every style.

Come and play Teen Patti Live Dealer, where the odds are great, and the gameplay is effortless!

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