Casinology: A Peek into the World of Casino Operations

Casinology: A Peek into the World of Casino Operations

Generally, gambling is an activity with an unpredictable outcome. As you sit at a game table or in front of a casino slot machine, your odds of losing outweigh your odds of winning. Therefore, unless you build a system of advantage, the house may win all the time, dominating your gaming experience. A good way to create an advantage is to follow the  evergreen saying, “Knowledge is power.”  One of the best ways to have an edge in casino gaming is to read gambling books like the “Casinology” series. This way, you can understand how casinos operate. 

Bill Zender’s insightful recommendation targets managers, but you’ll undoubtedly glean one or two valuable lessons from it.

In today’s casino news, we will briefly discuss this book so you can know what to expect if you decide to read it. 

Casinology: A Must-Read for Aspiring Gaming Operators

Casinology (Casino-ology), written by Bill Zender, is a two-part book that studies casinos’ operations to provide practical management tips. MBA Bill Zender is a man who has been in the casino games industry for over thirty years. His wealth of experience stems from being an advantage player, vice president, ex-part-time owner, a director of casino operations in Las Vegas at Aladdin Hotel-Casino, and a former Nevada State Gaming Control Board enforcement agent. Bill is also a sought-after gaming operations consultant. He is the owner of Last Resort Consulting.

Bill Zender released the first Casinology book— Casino-ology: The Art of Managing Casino Games, in 2008. It is a 308 paper-bound book focusing on table games like American roulette. In this book, Bill Zender makes a stand, telling casino operations not to concentrate on some countermeasures, such as preventing excessive card counters and shuffle trackers, stating that it doesn’t add much to revenue. Instead, he advises paying attention to hand production, which can increase profits. Also, Bill added that the attention given to rhythmic dice rollers exaggerates their threat level. Note that dice aren’t used in games like Zoom roulette.

In another section of Casinology, part 1, Zender highlights the risks of customer support breaches, marked cards, past posting, ill-made non-negotiable chip programs, and false shuffle scams. He also discusses the available players tracking system, the 6-5 payout style for blackjack, and handling marketing to Asian customers. In addition, Bill touched on the fine distinctions between pit game derivatives and the science of revitalizing a distressed a live or online casino

In the book, Bill Zender tries to make operators see what matters regarding casino management. He goes a step further by providing solutions to frequent gaming issues and mathematics concepts to improve the efficiency of gaming operations.

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Casinology Book 2: Advanced Strategies for Modern Gaming Operations

Casinology 2, a 314-page paper-bound book, was published in 2011. It was a timely release, considering that the world went through one of the most difficult financial periods, which birthed many unexpected changes. Therefore, it became necessary for casino managers to adjust to the new situations. 

In Casino-ology2: New strategies for making casino games, Bill Zender again challenges the current status of gaming and brings to the attention of operations updated strategies which feature some gambling terms for harnessing the ever-evolving technologies, adapting to changes in customer profiles and psychologies and protecting games as new advanced advantage players and cheats arise. 

He also covered other topics such as the effect of buy-in churn on hold percentage, the advantages of using pre-shuffled playing cards, more effective dealer scheduling methods, side bet explosion, money lending, and the Asian customer, banking games in California, promotional chip programs and match play, cell phone and card counting, and an update on player error rate in Blackjack. 

Final Thoughts 

The Casinology books are tailored towards casino games management, refining, and revamping for operators to remain effective. If you are a player, the book series may appeal to you less, but Pai Go Without Fears, written by Bill Zender, will.

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