Shuffle, Deal, and Win With an Automatic Card Dealer

Shuffle, Deal, and Win With an Automatic Card Dealer

The roles a dealer plays in a casino gaming setting, either online or at land-based casinos, are of great value. The shuffling of cards without errors, dealing them without compromise, etc, are some of the strengths of a dealer. Therefore, playing casino card games without a human dealer could end badly. To further help improve players’ gaming experience, the iGaming industry introduced live dealer casinos, to show how important dealers are. However, there is a need for more dealers as the number of players increases. Here is where technological advancement came to the rescue yet again with the automatic card dealer. 

An automatic card dealer can shuffle and deal cards multiple times without fatigue. Though it has its limitations, it still works well. We will explain how this technology product fits into the card games world in this casino news. Let’s get started! 

Automatic Card Dealer: Hands-Free Fun in Your Card Games

An automatic card dealer is a machine designed to mimic the job of a dealer in various table games and other card game settings. It is capable of shuffling and dealing cards quickly and efficiently. It is usually in two forms: automatic or semi-automatic. 

The automatic ones can shuffle and deal cards on their own. All you need to do is power it up and set it. The semi-automatic ones can shuffle but might be able to deal with cards. 

However, due to their various capabilities as programmed by a manufacturer, it is essential to read the instruction manual that comes with anyone you get. 

The Dark Side of the Casino Industry

Automatic Card Dealer: The Robot

There is an automatic card dealer that is a robot. This one is the most accurate and reliable of all. It can shuffle and deal cards to players on the table without a miss, positions the cards on the table right in front of the participants, and has an inbuilt sensor to detect the presence of players in the table. However, despite how wonderful this is, it is not used in an online casino setting. 

Online Casinos and the Automatic Card Dealer 

Online casinos have a separate category of casino games called live dealer games. The dealers in this game are real. They are not machines. Every action happens live. The best live dealer roulette is in a room with cameras linked to the internet. Therefore, every shuffling and card dealing happens in real-time. 

Limitations to the Use of an Automatic Card Dealer 

There are some limitations to the use of automatic card dealers. For an indoor setting, yes, it is perfect. However, it is prohibited for a gambling establishment or a legal and approved online casino. 

Regular card casino games online, i.e., non-live dealer games, are free of errors or mistakes because of Random Number Generators (RNGs), not because they use an unseen machine.  

Here are some reasons why automatic card dealers are not allowed in most real money-winning settings. 

Breakdown and Maintenance 

Like every other machine, these automated card dealers can break down. And this can occur at crucial moments without any quick-fix method or solutions.

If you get the robot machine, there must be constant maintenance to keep it working. 

Legal Restrictions 

Enough regulations are crippling the gaming sector already; the use of automated dealers can bring about more restrictions. 

Lost of Social Purpose 

There is a social aspect to gaming. When automatic card dealers are used, it is lost. Some People love live dealer games because of how interactive playing with a human dealer is. 

Read more about this particular topic in many online casino reviews.

Games Where an Automatic Card Dealer Can Work 

Automatic card dealers cannot work for all table games. For example, it can’t be used in a dice live dealer session. But can for these games.


In poker, it can work because, for a gaming session to commence, there has to be a Standard 52- card. And the shuffling of the cards is significant as poker is a game of skill. Any dealer studying their casino dealer glossary will come across the automatic dealer, and understand its importance.


In blackjack, up to 8 standard 52-card decks can be required depending on the number of places. And since it’s a game that families enjoy at home, an automatic card dealer can work just fine. 


An automatic card dealer can be acceptable in some years to come. Since we are in the era of artificial intelligence, how it operates can be perfected and applied to many more casino games. But for now, it’s not the case. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to play top live dealer games today. You can enjoy our up to $5,000 welcome bonuses to explore. 

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