Dice Live Dealer by Superlotto Games

Dice Live Dealer by Superlotto Games

Dice Live Dealer by Superlotto Games offers effortless gameplay. The goal is to guess the outcome of 5 dice for prizes worth 5,000x the bet. The games are pre-recorded in a well-lit studio and aired every 2-4 minutes. A roll of the dice could send your bankroll to new heights! Play Dice Live Dealer at Slots Paradise Casino and see what fortunes it brings.

How to Play Dice Live Dealer

Learning how to play Dice Live Dealer is straightforward. Begin by selecting your desired ticket price; this choice will impact your potential winnings. Next, pick a letter from A to Z, each representing a specific sum of five dice, with an associated coefficient determining your potential winnings. 

Select the number of draws you wish to participate in with a single ticket. Once you’ve selected, press “Buy a Ticket” to confirm your entry.

You can choose your bet amount, ticket price, and desired outcome, but we will unpack this further in our Dice Live Dealer review. 

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Dice Live Dealer RTP and Variance

The variance and RTP data for this game by Superlotto Games has yet to be published. Although these values are still unknown, some live dealer casinos offer pre-recorded Dice Live Dealer demo videos to get a feel for the game.

Remember to read our casino guides. Our experts explain everything you need to know about RTP, variance, and bankroll management.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In this game, players can choose from a range of ticket prices, from $0.20 to $20.

C5, 302,500x
D5, 6900x
E29, 30900x
F5, 6, 7250x
G28, 29, 30250x
H7, 8100x
I27, 28100x
J7, 8, 27, 2850x
K7, 8, 940x
L26, 27, 2840x
M8, 9, 26, 2725x
N8, 9, 1020x
O25, 26, 2720x
P10, 1115x
Q24, 2515x
R11, 1210x
S23, 2410x
T10, 11, 24, 258x
U13, 145x
V21, 225x
W15, 204x
X12, 13, 22, 233x
Y14, 15, 16, 172x
Z18, 19, 20, 212x

Dice Live Dealer Game Overview

In this live dealer casino game, draws occur every three minutes, offering players frequent opportunities to participate. This game involves selecting the ticket price of your choice, with flexible betting options. Players also choose a specific sum of five dice, represented by a letter from A to Z, each associated with its coefficient for potential winnings.

Dice Live Dealer Main Features

When playing this game, players start by picking their preferred ticket price. They then can select the sum of five dice, denoted by a letter. If multiple players choose the winning sum, they divide the prize among them.


The game offers uncomplicated gameplay, and there is a chance for impressive wins. Superlotto does what it does best: streaming high-quality casino games every 2-4 minutes right to your device and offering interesting twists like choosing your ticket amount. Overall, it’s an entertaining way to win. 

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Dice Live Dealer FAQs

What Is The Dice Game By Superlotto Games?

The Dice game is a pre-recorded live dealer game where you bet on the outcome of 5 dice.

How Often Are The Results Determined In The Dice Game?

The results in the Dice game are determined every 3 minutes.

Can I Play Multiple Draws With One Ticket Purchase?

You can select the number of consecutive draws you want to participate in with one ticket purchase.

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