NC Keno Results: Notable Winnings and Impact

NC Keno Results: Notable Winnings and Impact

Keno is a game of chance that has made many players’ dreams come true. The game originated in China and from there became a worldwide loved game. To play keno is simple: Select numbers on a card and hope to match the numbers to the ones that will be drawn by operators. Today, Keno games are available in many casinos and online, and they are known for big payouts. In North Carolina, there have been several big winners from the keno results over the years, and their stories are a testament to the jackpot nature of this game of chance. In this casino news, we will highlight a few notable NC keno results.

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NC Keno Results: Notable Winners

Below are some notable NC Keno Results and what the winners did with their prize money.

Nancy Bourget

January 16, 2024, a grandmother from Lincolnton couldn’t believe her eyes when she won $200,000 on her birthday. According to N.C. Education Lottery the sum is the largest prize won in the Keno game’s history. She bought the ticket, which cost her $40 in Lincolnton. All the ten numbers she picked, matched, winning her a total prize of $100,000. But it was doubled because she played two shares for each draw. The grandmother of five said she would put some of the money aside for her grandkids.

Richard Tyler Jr.

In February 2024, Tyler bought a $20 ticket, matching nine out of ten numbers. Tyler said, “When I saw how many I matched, I was like, Oh my gosh. I got kind of nervous.”

He hit the five times multiplier and won a $212,500 jackpot. “I had to sit down for a few minutes just to breathe”, he said. In his final remarks, Tyler said he’d share his wins with all his brothers and family because of their love for one another.

Stacey Miller

Miller bought a $40 ticket on February 2nd, 2024, which won her $112,500 after drawing a five times multiplier. She purchased the $40 ticket from Eshangi BP in Southport and played for five shares. During the drawing, all her numbers matched, winning her $4,500. But since she placed shares, the prize became $112,500. On Valentine’s Day, she received her award, which was a sum of $80,686 after the exclusion of taxes.

Steven Brown

Brown bought a $3 ticket, which matched all seven numbers in the game. He hit a ten times multiplier and won a $135,000 Keno jackpot, which he claimed on March 23rd, 2023. 

“It was a shock. I was in my kitchen watching the numbers, and I kept seeing my numbers hit one after another”, Brown said.

When asked what he would use the money for, he said he had been a hunter and would use the funds to purchase a deer stand. Though, the money was enough to buy a sports car.

The Raleigh Couple

Patricia and Barry Forrest won $100,000 for the 20 drawing tickets they bought on June 28th, 2023, which matched all ten numbers in the game. The couple promised to spend the money on their grandchildren.

Bonnie Curtis and Erin Blankenship

Curtis and Blankenship had a wonderful December in 2021. They bought a $10 ticket in Statesville on December 28th, 2021, and wagered on a 9-Spot Keno game. During the drawing, all nine spots matched winning them $30,000. However, a five-time multiplier gave them a $150,000 win, which they split. They went home with $53,063 each after the removal of required taxes.

These are just a few examples of winners of Keno table games whose lives have seen a turnaround from their winnings.

Impact of NC Keno Results 

Winning a keno jackpot can profoundly impact a person’s life. For many, it provides a chance to start over and make positive changes. They may use the money to pay off debts, buy a new home, or start a business. For some, it’s also an opportunity to help others and give back to their community. In short, winning a jackpot using a Keno strategy can be a life-changing event, opening up new possibilities and creating a sense of hope. Some winners have described the experience as magical and life-altering.

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The Future of NC Keno

The NC Keno lottery has come a long way since its inception in 2006. Over the years, the lottery has undergone several changes and updates. It has become easier to participate in, and its payout has increased. 

Players can now purchase tickets online and check results on the lottery’s website or mobile app. You can also play the Keno orbital gaming online, available at Slots Paradise Casino.

Final Thoughts

The NC Keno results have made a positive difference in the lives of many North Carolinians. For the state, it also provides funding for education and other vital programs. However, you don’t have to be in the state to enjoy keno, you can still get a big payout if you play online. Play online casino games with real money and increase your winning chances at Slots Paradise Casino.

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